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A Journal of a Voyage to the South Seas

A Vocabulary of the Malayan Language, as spoke at Batavia, usually called there the Low Malay

page 184

A Vocabulary of the Malayan Language, as spoke at Batavia, usually called there the Low Malay.

Alla, or Alla t'alla, God.
Tooäog Alla, The Lord God.
Soorga, Heaven.
Nooraka, Hell.
Saitang, Mamadee, or Booleess, The devil.
Orrang Saitang, A demon, or ghost.
Appee, Fire.
Aier, Water.
Detanna, or Negree, The earth.
Laot, The sea.
Langee, The sky.
Matt'aree, The sun.
Boolang, The moon.
Beentang, The stars.
Trang, Light.
Glap, Darkness.
Panass, Heat.
Deengin, Cold.
Angin, The wind.
Waitan, The East.
Coolon, The west.
Keedol, The north.
Lorr, The south.
Tarang, The clouds.
Oojang, Rain.
Greemiss, A mizling rain.
Amboon, The dew.
Awang awang, A fog, or mist.page 185
Affup, Smoke.
Keelap, Lightening.
Goontoor, Thunder.
Oontor, The rainbow.
Leendo, An earthquake.
Orang, Men, mankind, or people.
Lakee lakee, A man.
Orang tooa, An old man.
Parampooan, A woman, or a young woman.
Anna paraowan, A virgin.
Booda, or Anna lakee lakee, A boy.
Anna parampooan, A girl.
Annae or anna, A child.
Cumbar, Twins.
Bappa, or pappa, A father.
Ma, A mother.
Cakè, A grandfather.
Naimai, A grandmother.
Bappa teerree, A step-father.
Mateeree, A step-mother.
Anna lakee, A son.
Anna parampooan, A daughter.
Soodara lakee, A brother.
Soodara parampooan, A sister.
Lakee, A husband.
Beene, A wife.
Cawin, A wedding.
Orang cawin, The bridegroom.
Boodjang, A widow.
Peeatoo, An orphan.
Anna foondal, A bastard.
Taman, A friend.
Manchoree, A thief
Orang boota, A blind man.page 186
Orang Balanda, A Dutchman.
Orang Engrese, An Englishman.
Orang Cerami, A Portuguese.
Orang Codja, or Codjo. A Moor, Gentoo, Mogul, or Banyan.
Orang China, A Chinese.
Orang Maleiyo, A Malay.
Orang Bugeess, A native of the Celebes.
Orang Papooa, A negroe, or cassre.
Badang, The whole body.
Capalla, The head.
Atuscapalla, The crown of the head.
Ramboo, The hair of the head.
Mooca, The face.
Taleenga, The temples.
Matta, The eyes.
Beedjee matta, The eye-balls.
Rambco matta, The eye-brows.
Atus matta, The eye-lids.
Booloo matta, The eye-lashes.
Cooping, The ears.
Edong, The nose.
Enga, The nostrils.
Peepee, The cheeks.
Leeda, The mouth.
Beebir, or moloo, The lips.
Gcegee, The teeth.
Oojoo leeda, The tongue.
Daga, Tbe chin.
Yenga, or coomiss, The beard.
Lehair, The throat.
Watta lehair, The neck.
Dada, The breasts.
Soofoo, The nipples.
Purroo, or prott, The belly.page 187
Poossar, The navel.
Balacang, The back.
Peengang, The sides.
Poonda, The shoulders.
Catea, The arm-pits.
Tangan, The whole arm and hand.
Seecoo, The elbow.
Balacang tangan, The back of the hand.
Pala tangan, The palm of the hand.
Manjaree, The thumb.
Yereeggec, The fingers.
Taree, The forefinger.
Taree tanga, The middle finger.
Jeregee, or jereejee, The fourth finger.
Anna, or jintee, The little finger.
Pantar, The hips.
Fanta, The haunches.
Panco, The thighs.
Lootoo, The knees.
Palpalla, The hams.
Cakee, The leg and foot.
Toocakee, The calves of the legs.
Sapatoo, The foot.
Balcakee, The sole of the foot.
Yereeggee cakee, The toes.
Boolo, The hair.
Coolit, The skin.
Gomoe, The fat.
Daging, The flesh.
Darra, Blood.
Oorat, A vein.
Toolang, The bones.
Soom som, The marrow.
Otae, The brains.page 188
Oosooss, The stomach.
Atee, The heart.
Ooso, The guts.
Toole toole, The kidneys.
Tullum boongan, The bladder.
Soosoo, The milk.
Aier matta, Tears.
Beengata, or beenatang, A beast.
Beenatang ootang, A wild beast.
Tandoo, The horns.
Coolit, The hide, skin, or leather.
Booloo, The hair, or wool.
Aicor, The tail.
Moenje, An ape, or a monkey.
Coocang, Lemur tardigradus. [Vide Linnaeus.]
Gaidja, or gadja, An elephant.
Matcha, A tyger.
Cootching, A cat.
Tecooss, A rat.
Unjing, or anjing, A dog.
Babee, A hog.
Coodda, A horse.
Onta, An ass.
Sampee-lakee, A bull.
Sampee-parampooan, A cow.
Carbao, A buffalo.
Cambeeng, A goat, or Guinea sheep.
Cambeeng-Balanda, An European sheep.
Keedang, or manjae. A deer, common in Java.
Cantcheell, A hog-deer, no bigger than a rabbit.
Choree choree, A bat.
Boorong, or booloo, A bird.
Mooloo booloo, The beak of a bird.
Saiap, The wings.page 189
Aicor, The tail.
Booloo boorong, A feather.
Sarran boorong, A bird's nest.
Tullor, An egg.
Ulang, An eagle.
Cocatooa, or kacatooa, A cockatoo.
Papagai, A parrot.
Noree, or looree, A lory.
Baiyo, Gracula religiosa, the mine.
Aiam, Poultry.
Aiam lakee lakee, A cock.
Jengir, A cock's comb.
Aiam parampooan, A hen.
Aiam balanda, A turkey.
Gangsa, A goose.
Baibai, A duck.
Maraae, A peacock.
Boorong darra, A pigeon.
Eacang, A fish.
Lomba lomba, A grampus.
Punyoo, A turtle.
Koora koora, A land-turtle, or tortoise.
Chicao, A lizard,
Kaico, or tocke. A lizard which haunts houses, and has a particular sort of cry.
Codda, A toad.
Oolar, A snake, or serpent.
Cullaculla. A cockroach.
Tangcreek, A cricket.
Keenjang, A butterfly.
Lallar, A fly.
Smootallang, A small black ant.
Pootoo, A louse.
Oodang, Lobsters, cray-fish, &c.page 190
Rooma, A house.
Maja boondar, A round table.
Maja panyang, A square table.
Peesoo, or peesooe, A knife.
Gor, A fork.
Saindoo, or sandue. A spoon.
Gandang, A drum.
Panching, A fishbook.
Jaring, or taring, A net, or sein.
Barang, Cloaths.
Cameeja, A shirt.
Sapalloo, Shoes or slippers.
Bantar, A pillow.
Macanan, Vićtuals.
Macan pagee, Breakfast,
Macan teng aree, Dinner.
Macan mallam, Supper.
Rotee, Bread.
Nassee, Boiled rice.
Curree, A high-seasoned soup.
Caldoo, Chicken broth.
Montega, Butter.
Caidjoo, Cheese.
Garrum, Salt.
Meenja, or meenyae, Oil.
Chooca, Vinegar.
Lada, Pepper.
Atchar, Cayan-pepper.
Goola paseer, Sugar.
Goola batoo, Sugar-candy.
Tambaco, Tobacco.
Meeno, or meenum, Drink.
Aier meeno, Water for drinking.
Angor, Wine.page 191
Angor de maira, Red wine.
Angor pootee, White wine.
Angor assum, Rhenish wine.
Angor dooae, Palm wine.
Samshoo, A particular sort of cold liquor.
Aier callappa, Cocoa-nut milk.
Pagee, The morning.
Matáree teenge, The forenoon.
Taingaree, Ncon.
Matáree meeree. The afternoon.
Matáree toroo, Sun-set.
Soree, The evening.
Tainga mallam, Midnight.
Calim aree dowloo, The day before yesterday.
Calim aree dowloo mallam, The night before last.
Calim aree, Yesterday.
Eniee aree, To-day.
Baisoo, or baisue, To-morrow.
Loossa, The day after to-morrow.
Seang seang, In the day.
Baisoo dattang, Another day, or another time.
Poocol, or jam, An hour.
Stainga poocol, Half an hour.
Sa jamahat, A week.
Days of the Week.
Aree jamahat, Friday.
Aree saptoo, Saturday.
Aree gnahat, Sunday.
Aree isneen, Monday.
Aree salassa, Tuesday.
Aree rubo, Wednesday.
Aree camess, Thursday.page 192
Sa boolan, A month.
Sa taong, A year.
Taong baroo, The new-year.
Mooda, Young.
Tooa, Old.
Lapar, Hungry.
Ramboo butal, Lank hair.
Ramboo eekal, Curled hair.
Ramboo beeneering, Frizzled hair.
De dallam, Within.
Delawar, Without.
Kanna, The right.
Keeree, The left.
Penda, or pendue, Short.
Panyang, Long.
Tepiss, Thin.
Tabal, Thick.
Laibar, Narrow.
Coran laibar, Broad
Boondar, Round.
Panyang, Square.
Canja, Full.
Pussar, Big, or large.
Ootang, In the country wild.
Stainga, Half.
Cucheel, A little.
Tooga, A thing, or piece.
Gooa, Me.
Loo, You.
Loo poonya, You, or yours.
Gooa poonya, My, or mine.
Deea, Him.
Deea poonya, His or hers.
Itooling, Them.page 193
Eenee, This.
Eedoo or eetoo, That.
De seennee, Here.
De sanna, There.
Seennee, This place, or here.
Tarra de seetoor, That place, or there.
Mana, Which.
Appa, What.
Adda, Yes.
Ambeel, To fetch.
Anoat, To take away.
Panya, To roast.
Tootoo, To cover.
Tarabang, To fly.
Badeeree, To rise.
Nampas, 'To puff or blow.
Meeno, To suck.
Potong, To cut.
Saindo, To sup.
Gegit, To bite.
Busseela, To sit cross-legged.
Balek, To turn.
Tootoo matta, To wink.
Booang, To empty
Sallin, To fill.
Floit, To whistle.
Munyanye, To sing.
Tatawa, to laugh.
Manangas, To cry.
Loopa, To forget.
Looda gillap, It is dark.
Oojang attang, It rains.page 194
Sooda, It is done.
Tallalo mahal, It is too much.
Adda bai, They are good.
Trada bai, They are not good.
Adda, I have.
Troda, I have not.
Cassee gooa, Give me.
Marro de seinne, Come hither.
Pasang leeling, Light the candle.
Goonte leeling, Snuff the candle.
Boingoos, Blow your nose.
Sapo camre, Sweep the chamber.
Barapee, How much?
Barapee saloo rupea, How many for a rupee?
Barapee maon, What is the price of this?
Adda cowss sootra, Have you got any silk stockings?
Appa catta, What says he?
Dee manna, Where is such a one?
Jallang dee sanne, Which is the way?
Salama tidor, Good night.