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Was It All Cricket?


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Introduction page 9
Preface 11
Illustrations 17
1 Youth 19
Apprenticed to Engineering—Club Cricket—Hat Trick in First Match—Canterbury XI at Sixteen—The Fun of the 'Nineties.
2 First Cricket Tour 28
1897 Canterbury XI Tours North Island—Hawkes Bay Gives Us a Fright—Good Match Against Auckland—A Seasick Cricket Team—Wellington Spoils Our Unbeaten Record.
3 First Overseas Tour 35
New Zealand Team Visits Australia—Tasmania—Victoria—Dropped Catches—New South Wales—Trumper's Brilliant Batting.
4 Apprenticeship Completed 56
Gold Dredging Makes Engineering Boom—Melbourne Club Team Tours New Zealand—Some Keen Canter bury-Otago Matches—Football Plays a Part.
5 Off to Australia 64
The Wrench of Leaving Home—Cricket in Melbourne—A Great Club Eleven—Famous Australian Players.
6 Maclaren's English Team 81
Australians Cricket Mad—Test Match Atmosphere—Two Great Games in Melbourne—Record Hail-storm before Match.
7 An Historic Event-Australia a Commonwealth 92
A Dream Come True—Duke of York Opens First Parliament—Empire Joins in Celebrations—Problems and Personalities.
8 Life and Work in Melbourne 110
Anxiety in Finding Work—Howard Smiths—Co-operation Between Companies—Shipping Office Cricket Matches—Planning Ships.
9 A Visit to Northern Queens-Land 120
A Race up the Coast—Sugar Plantations and Sugar Mills Loading Bananas—A Chinese Opium Den. page 14
10 Lord Hawke's Team 136
New Zealand Tour—Attractive Batting—English Public School Style—Warner Potential All England Captain—Albert Trott Joins Team for Matches in Australia.
11 My Departure for England 154
Cape Horn — Montevideo — Teneriffe—Plymouth—English Channel—The Thames.
12 First Days in London 160
The East End as well as the West—Historic Buildings— Famous Places—Great Men—The Derby.
13 Cricket in England 169
Tottenham Club—London County—Remarkable Match at Lord's—Grace and Murdoch—Crystal Palace.
14 W. G. Grace 187
A Personal Sketch.
15 To the Far East 193
Engineer in British Tramp—Suez and the Red Sea—Monsoon in Indian Ocean—Aground on Sumatra—Hong Kong— Cock Fighting at Manila.
16 The Return Voyage 215
Heat in Red Sea—Straits of Messina—Stromboli in Action—Bull Fighting at Marseilles—Iron Ore From Spain—South Shields.
17 The Tyneside 228
Claverhill Laid Up—Newcastle and Surrounding District—Shipbuilding Activity—The Coming of the Turbine—The Jovial Geordie.
18 The West Indies 234
The Real Bay of Biscay—Madeira—St. Lucia—Grenada—Trinidad—British Guiana—Return via Le Havre.
19 More Voyages to the Indies—British Honduras 247
Barbadoes—Antigua—Pitch Lakes of Trinidad—Loading Mahogany at Belize—Amsterdam—Antwerp and Brussels—Board of Trade Exam.
20 Canada and the St. Lawrence 265
Pageantry at Gibraltar—Queen and Emperor—Sydney, Nova Scotia—Pack Ice in the Gulf—Quebec and Montreal—Shipboard Discussion and Argument—All Blacks' Rugby Tour—Two Famous Matches. page 15
21 Nova Scotia and Boston 285
Bay of Fundy—Halifax—Snow and Ice—St. John, New Brunswick—Niagara Falls—New York—the Lucania.
22 County Cricket in England 299
Essex XI—Great County Sides—Famous English Players—Visit to Wales.
23 Life on an Oil Tanker 320
A Typical British Tanker—Philadelphia—The Atlantic in all its Moods—A Hard Life in Winter—Farewell to the Sea.
24 Shipmates 329
Britain's Men of the Mercantile Marine—Messroom Stories.
25 The World's Shipping 334
Progress in Marine Engineering—Science Lends a Hand—International Rivalry—Famous Ships—The Mauretania and the Blue Riband—Mammoth Liners.
26 Last Days in Britain 345
Edinburgh and Glasgow—Motherwell and Wishaw—Loch Lomond—Land o' Burns—The Genial Scot—Fleeting Visit to Paris—Epping Forest—Goodbye to the Old Country.
27 Homeward Bound 357
Suevic Leaves Liverpool—Shipboard Cricket—Capetown—A Captain's Superstition—Albany—Adelaide—Melbourne— Home.
28 Early Plunket Shield Matches 363
Auckland Leads the Way—Importation of Professionals—Improved Standards of Play—Great Public Interest—Stern Contests—Canterbury Wins at Last.
29 More Years of Strenuous Cricket 376
Harry Trott Revisits New Zealand—Armstrong Leads First Board of Control Team—Canterbury's Turn to Stand at Bay—Otago and Wellington Challenge—Sensational Finish Against Auckland.
30 Second Cricket Tour of Australia 389
Queensland—New South Wales—Victoria—South Australia—Fast Wickets Worry our Batsmen—Too Late in Striking Form.
31 My Last Years of Cricket 402
Arthur Sims's Team of Giants—Auckland Again on Top—Cricket Administration—New Zealand Cricket Council—Lancaster Park Board of Control. page 16
32 The World's Cricket 409
How the Game Spread—Great sides of the Past—Famous Matches—A Glimpse of the Cricket of Empire Countries.
33 The Game's Greatest Players 443
From Grace to Bradman—Spofforth Withstands Many Challenges—from Blackham to Oldfield—Vernon Royle and Syd. Gregory.
34 Commerce and Industry 454
A Flying Start—What a Name Means—There is Sentiment in Business—Close Calls at the Bank—Up to and over the Limit—A Loyal Team.
35 The Timber Industry 469
Selling Timber—Through Canterbury on a Bicycle—Markets Further Afield—We Begin Sawmilling—Australia takes Part of the Output—Many Visits Across the Tasman.
36 Ships and Shipping 486
Opouri, Orepuki, Opua—Wreck of the Opouri—The Story of the Opihi—Romantic Career of New Zealand Tramp Steamer—Extraordinary Troubles Develop—Crew Goes on Strike in Foreign Port.
37 Port Craig 508
Venture and Adventure—Great Expectations—Tragic Happenings—Anxieties—Hopes Revived—Then Disaster.
38 Sawmilling on the West Coast 531
Another Contest for Bush—Same Early Struggle—The Industry in Difficult Times—Combined Effort—An Uphill Fight—Devastating Fire—We Rebuild the Mills—Success Again—Coaching Accident in Otira Gorge.
39 Railways Board and Personal Anecdotes 548
A Great Government Department—Valuable Experience—Glimpses into the Past—Sir George Grey—Golf and Cricket Stories—Humour of the Links and the Playing Field.
40 The End of the Innings 556
Index of Cricketers 559
Index of Persons and Places 564