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The Kia ora coo-ee : the magazine for the ANZACS in the Middle East, 1918


page 9


The wedding of Captain R. A. Bray, of Sussex, England, and Sister M. E. McKenzie, A.A.N.S., (14th. A.G.H.),of Sydney, N.S.W., was celebrated at the British Consulate, and afterwards at the Church of Epiphany, Port Said, on May 28th. Amongst those present at the ceremony were many members of the A.A.N.S., including Principal Matron R. Creal. Soon after the outbreak of war, Sister McKenzie volunteered for service abroad and tended our sick and wounded in England, France, Egypt and on transports to and from Australia.

Sister F. M. Chennell, A.A. N.S., (14th. A.G.H.), has embarked for England, where, it is understood, she is to be married to an Australian Medical Officer.

The engagement is announced of Sister L. C. Bell, A.A.N.S., of Braidwood, N.S.W., and Capt. J. I. Chirnside, M.C., A.A.M.C, of Little River, Victoria. Sister Bell arrived in Egypt in January, 1917, and since that time has been nursing with the 14th. A.G.H. Capt. Chirnside was recently awarded the Military Cross while in the Field as M.O. to the 4th. L.K. Regt.

43786 Trooper H. Lylian, Wellington Mounted Rifles, has been awarded the Military Medal and the Croix de Guerre for conspicuous bravery during the recent operations. Trooper Lylian enlisted in March, 1917, and joined his unit here in January of this year.

Corporal J. Fraser, 3rd. Signal Troop, A.I.F., who has been awarded the D. CM. for distinguished services in the Field, enlisted in October, 1914. He saw some service on Gallipoli before he was invalided from the Peninsula. Corporal Fraser was mentioned in Despatches in June, 1917.

R. S. M. Thomas L. Keen, A.L.H., who has been awarded the Military Cross for gallantry and devotion to duty in the Field, is the first member of the A.I.F. below commissioned rank to receive this decoration. He enlisted in October, 1914, and served for five months on Gallipoli. From Sig. Corporal he was promoted Sqdn. Sergeant-Major at Anzac, in August, 1915. He was invalided from Gallipoli two months later. At Romani, in April, 1916, he was promoted to his present rank. He has now been chosen to train for a commission in the A.F.C., and is awaiting embarkation to the United Kigndom for that purpose.

Major P. H. Priestly, A.L.H., who was killed in action last month, was invalided to Australia for discharge in January, 19l6, and was reappointed to the A.LF. in

October, 1917. He served in the South African War, 19O1-2, taking part in the operations in Cape Colony and Orange River Colony, and had the Queen's medal, with four clasps.

The D.C.M. has been awarded to Sergeant S. A. McNamara, Auckland Mounted Rifles, for distinguished services in the Field. Sergeant McNamara left New Zealand early in 1915, and saw service on Gallipoli. He was wounded at Beersheba, and has taken part in every action since Romani.

Brigadier-General W. Meldrum, C.M.G., D.S.O., G.O.C., N.Z.M.R. Brigade, was born at Whangarei in 1865, and received his first Commission in the Hunterville Mounted Rifles. At the outbreak of war General Meldrum held the rank of Lieut-Colonel in
Brigadier-General W. Meldrum

Brigadier-General W. Meldrum

the Territorials, and was CO. of the 6th. (Manawatu) Mounted Rifles. He left New Zealand with the Main Body with the rank of Lieut-Colonel, Commanding Wellington Mounted Rifles, and was promoted Brig.-General and appointed to Command the N.Z.M.R. Brigade on April 23rd., 1917. The General, was awarded the CM. G. in January, 1916, and the D.S.O., a year later. He has been four times mentioned in Despatches, and was awarded the Order of the White Eagle of Serbia, 4th. Class, in September, 1915. He has taken part in every action the Brigade has been in since the outbreak of War.

Lieut. P. G. Doherty, Canterbury Mounted Rifles, has been awarded the Military Cross for good work in the Field.

Lieut. Doherty left New Zealand with the Main Body, with the rank of trooper, and saw service on Gallipoli. He was promoted Corporal on in October, 1915, and Sergeant six months later. He was selected for return to New Zealand for a Reinforcement commission, leaving Egypt in October, 1916, and returning here in December last.

Lieutenant A.G.R. Crawford, New Zealand Section I.C.C, who was dangerously wounded on March 30th., 1918, has been awarded the Military Cross for good service in the Field. Lieutenant Crawford left New Zealand, with the rank of 2nd. Lieutenant, in 1916.

W.A. Langford, the Australian jockey, who recently won the Country Plate at Birmingham Races, on Exford, was formerly a Sergeant in the A.LF. From Headquarters 3rd Australian Infantry Brigade, he joined the Staff of Australian Headquarters (then the A.I.F. Intermediate Base) in October, 1915, when he left Cairo for Australian H Q., London, where he remained on the Staff for some months. Then he was transferred to Rouen, where he was doing duty with the Australian Records Section at 3rd Echelon, B.E.F., Sergt. Langford obtained his discharge from the A.I.F. in the latter part of last year, and returned to England, where, it is understood, he is in receipt of a retainer of £500 per year to ride for one of the biggest stables in the United Kingdom. Langford rode Raponeur to victory in the Cairo Derby of 1916.

Major G.J. Rankin, 4th. A.L. H., who has been awarded the D.S.O. for distinguished services in the Field in connection with Military Operations, culminating in the capture of Jerusalem, is a native of Victoria. He enlisted in August, 1914, and was wounded when on Gallipoli. He was promoted to the rank of Brevet- Major in the Commonwealth Military Forces in September, 1917, for specially meritorious work rendered on active service during the present war.

The Distinguished Conduct Medal has been awarded to Private R. Maxwell, New Zealand Section Imperial Camel Corps, for bravery, in the Field. He died on March 31st. from wounds received in action.

Sergeant F. Robertson, Canterbury Mounted Rifles; has been awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal. Sergt. Robertson left New Zealand with the Main Body and was on Gallipoli, where he was wounded. He-was again wounded on March 13th. last.

Sergeant H.W. Farmer, 1st. Field Squadn. A.E., has been awarded the D. C. M., for distinguished services in the Field. He enlisted in September, 1914, as a driver. He served on Gallipoli, and was invalided to Alexandria from Anzac in September, 1915