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The Kia ora coo-ee : the magazine for the ANZACS in the Middle East, 1918

"Free Rides For Troops"

"Free Rides For Troops".

(Anzacs on leave in Australia are being given free passes on trains and trams. Commonwealth Cable.)

Though you're freezing in the chilly night, or scorching in the sun;
Though the days and nights are all the same, the work seems never done;
You must never fret or worry, be as gentle as a lamb,
'Cause if you were back in Aussie you'd ride free upon a tram.

Though you've lost your pipe and bacca, and you're hogging for a smoke:
Look upon the shiny side and treat the matter as a joke.
Think yourself a giddy hero as you're riding o'er the plains,
And remember, back in Aussie you'd ride free upon the trains.

Though you sometimes wait for tucker, and at times you're pretty dry,
Do not raise your voice in anger, you'll get something by and bye.
If your throat is filled with dust, or p'raps your boots are filled with rain;
Just remember, back in Aussie you'd ride free upon the train.

For the folks back in Australia look upon you boys with pride,
And refuse to take your cash if on the trains or trams your ride.
And, as in Cairo town you've always got to pay your way,
Just wait for leave to Aussie. Oh! that'll be the day.