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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 2, No. 10. June 14, 1939

Workers' Education

Workers' Education.

"Salient," which thinks that neither listening to lectures nor regurgitating them In November, nor even living actively in Free Discussion, Right, Left, and Religious Clubs, are In themselves education, has offered me this space to set out the W.E.A.'s current list of offerings (see below) because it gets closer to real education than any of these. W.E.A. classes have a proportion of older folk and "proletarian" folk, folk of differing life-experiences and differing working-philosophies, as like-aged, like-minded Intra-student clubs never can have. They listen to lectures. It is true, but not to absorb them. Instead of having three hours months later to regurgitate, they have an hour after each lecture to express their own questionings and criticisms and to hear those of others. And—most important of all—instead of swotting up to-day's lecture that it may be the basis for to-morrow's story of abstract knowledge in a topless Tower of Babel—Instead. In short of learning in order to learn more, they learn in order to live better. One class at present, for example, finds itself discussing, as a result of a survey of South American conditions, whether Its members should fight In the to-be-expected war of the Plutocratic governments to preserve their preserve of colonial and semi-colonial financial and territorial empire against the ambition of the Autocratic governments to share in it. A Philosophy class wants to discuss such fundamentals as "Why should we believe in democracy anyhow?" "Dialectical Materialism?" and "God?"