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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 2, No. 10. June 14, 1939

Gossip — Should Women Drink?


Should Women Drink?

After wrestling with this subject and our consciences for a long time, we decided to seek out various authorities and see "what their reactions might be. The current full in social activity seemed to promise dispassionate consideration of the problem—more, for instance, than you'd get during Capping Week. And here are the reactions:

Bob Edgley: I don't approve of liquor.

Sandy: A woman who drinks never again stands high in my regard.

John Bullock: Not enough of 'em do it.

Joy Osborne: I'd like to try.

Derek Freeman: Psychologically . . . Mr. (debating) McDonald: This modern curse is all due to the capitalist system.

Kate Ross: Let them gurgle.

Pat Macaskill: I'm afraid I'm old-fashioned.

Ron Meek: It all depends on (a) the women, and (b) the drink.

Guy Bliss: I want to put my women on a pedestal.

Justine Smith: It's not a masculine monopoly.

Geof. Wallace: I couldn't worship at that shrine.

Harold Gretton: All appetites should be satisfied.

Gurth Higgin: Sportive wenches!

Bill Mitchell: I think people should try everything once.

Helen Maysmor: It's fun.

A. H. Scotney: Should they? Boy, and how!!

Dorian Saker: I think It makes It impossible for us to idealise the sex.

Jack Ilott: Wine, women and song—you can't beat them.

Carl Heine: Doesn't affect me.

Dick Simpson: Only coffee, cocoa and tea.

Mark Hatherley: I don't know enough about it yet.

Elizabeth Hussey: Isn't it naughty?

Jack Aimers: I'll tell you when I get back from Australia.

Miss Johannsen—that was over the edge.

It is rumoured that the tramping party which visited the Haurangis a week ago, all possessed large boots, boots as heavy as lead.

Heard in the Caf.: Who Is this Dorian Saker? I don't know her.