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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington N.Z. Vol. 11, No. 1. February 27, 1948

This-Our Secretary !

This-Our Secretary !

"It has developed into a minor war."
Mr. O'Brien at Undergrads' Supper.

And after much childish bickering it almost seemed that truce had been reached.

But out of a blue sky descended the stork with his little bag of tricks—one letter for "Commercial Print," printers of "Salient":—

The Manager. Commercial Printing Co. Ltd.

Dear Sir,

The following is an extract from the minutes-of meeting of Executive held on Thursday, May 23, 1946:

"Moved Mr. Poole, seconded Miss Keys, that the Editor 'Salient' be instructed to publish on the front page of the next issue of 'Salient' a retraction of the editorial entitled Our Judgment,' this retraction to be prefaced by a statement expressing the Editor's regrets that he omitted to do this in the last issue. Mr. Campbell and Mr. Cohen to be responsible for seeing that this was done.—Carried."

As "Salient" is the official organ of the Association, the Executive will not assume responsibility for payment of your account if the issue in your hands is handed over for distribution without containing the matter referred to above.

Yours faithfully.

M. J. Poole

, Secretary.

Not only has the Executive, both as a body and as individuals failed to inform the Editor of this odd motion, unique in the history of VUCSA; not only on the eve of press has Mr. Poole assumed the role of Editor Extraordinary without the cognizance of a single student in the college, demanding of an amazed printer that he publish a stupifying series of statements in an issue already overset with routine reports: Not all this Without Mr. Marcus J. Poole of the Esteemed Legal Profession Descending to this Low Level of Coercion in Order to Gain his own. Ill-Deserved Ends.

Nor is "Salient" the "Official" organ of Student Opinion.

* * *

The salient points emerge from this extraordinary farrago of events:
1.The Executive has passed a most invidious motion in accordance with which the Editor is supposed to retract a statement published in the Editorial Column, a column that remains under the sole Jurisdiction of the Editor, and the opinions expressed therein the prerogative of the Editor alone, to be read and accepted as such.
2.To date, Monday 17, the Editor has not received notification of the carrying of the above motion.
3.Without the authorisation of a single person or body Mr. Poole completed in the name of the Students' Association a series of letters that Dean Swift or Frederick Engels might have envied.
4.A printer whose untiring efforts have for five years produced "Salient," unrivalled in Australasia among Student Papers for typography and quality of printing, has indicated that if this is our attitude to his work we might try elsewhere for our printers.

So much for Your Diplomacy, Mr. Poole!

Bruce Millburn. Editor.

(We reprint the above without comment.—Ed.)