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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 13, No. 1. March 02, 1950

We oppose . .

We oppose . . .

Some of these official sessions were related to the discussions at the student forum held at the close of the week. Bruce Miller, President of NZUSA, gave a long talk on how he had been looking after students by keeping them away from the students overseas, and the evil ideas of the last Congress. Congress replied with a resolution condemning NZUSA Annual Conference for its contemptuous handling of remits from Congress, 1949.

It was followed, after heated discussion, by the passing of a motion reaffirming last year's opposition to conscription, and calling on NZUSA to defend student interests under the Conscription Act.

Congress also resolved against Chancellor Sir David Smith's policy of excluding communists ipso facto from University appointments; and against any Interference with the freedom of the student press outside the restraints of the law—a follow up of the Prof. Board v. "Salient" case last year.

Discussion was forced on into the still watches of the night, because the programme had been so ill arranged as to cram the open forums Into the very last of the- ten days. Yawning, heavy-headed congredients rejected, a motion to Support ISS and IUS by, one vote, and it was only by a no-confidence motion in the chair that the forum was even then, postponed to the sunny hours.

VUC'S peace Manifesto was adopted with one minor alteration. Congress then, after heated discussion in which "dark satanic Mills" (the muscle man from Canterbury) accused Victoria of trying to "impose Its will on all NZ," approved the World Federation of Democratic Youth by a big majority. An attempt to have IUs and ISS reconsidered was ruled out of order.

The appearance of press reports on the anti-conscription motion caused minor tantrums. Rev. Sullivan and his steering committee attempted to censure the reporter responsible. The whole question was brought into the open on the Sunday morning, when we were surprised to hear Rev. Sullivan (of all people and on a Sunday!) saying that he disapproved of misleading press reports about Congress.