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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 13, No. 9. May 9th, 1950



It is perhaps typical of this year's Extrav that its most important feature, its almost sole virtue, should have originally been omitted from Cappicade: a fact which was partially remedied by a small and often illegible hand-stamping, "Original music by Jeff Stewart." This music was very good: from the intriguing variations on the minor scale which made up the Atmosphere Music to the complicated pastiche of the Final Chorus, the lilting "Jungle Style" and the rescucitated "Man to practise On." But in some cases these tunes were marred by inaudible or forgetful singing, and occasionally inept and pointless lyrics.

The plot, ah yes the plot! To speak generously, this had, if possible, just a little less point than a rubber ball, and much less bounce. It began well admittedly, it built up an atmosphere of mild anticipation, a feeling that surely something, something would happen, but when the curtain came down this half-promise of action went unfulfilled. The descent to the incredible dullness of the Garden Party scene was rather sudden. The Jungle scene had been quite entertaining, if quite irrelevant (a common failing with Extrav scenes) but surely the authors, who knew what was to follow, could have loused up the end of this scene a bit, so that the audience could be more prepared for its [unclear: ghastly] sequel.