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Who Lost The Way?

Who Lost The Way?


Your report of the Annual General Meeting omitted all mention of the resolution:

"That the Executive be recommended to give favourable consideration to affiliating V.U.C.S.A. to the World Assembly of Youth."

This was passed by 42 votes to 29 and is, I suggest, important because

1. It shows that while V.U.C. was dissatisfied with W.F.D.Y. it was still willing to look into alternatives rather than shut its eyes to the world outside.

2. Previous apologists for W.F.D.Y. had argued "never mind about its Communist tinge—let us do what we can to put our point of view." These people were apparently unwilling to consider W.A.Y. at all, whereas I expected them to overlook any deficiencies in their anxiety to do their bit to improve it.

A. W. Cook.

(We apologise for losing the W.A.Y. in our A.G.M. report: at the end of the meeting after several hours, apparently even Salient reporters are capable of human error.—Ed.)