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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 14, No. 6. June 7, 1951

Vaux Pas?

Vaux Pas?

Sir,—The comments of "Vaux" concerning this year's Cappicade are typical of the "sideline" activity so prevalent in this college. May I point out to "Vaux" that the Wellington public is not like the proverbial elephant—there have been poor Extravs before today—with no appreciable influence on attendances the following year. John Citizen will usually gamble on getting something for his shilling. Further the exceptional sales this year were due more to the energy and organisation of the sellers than to any "sympathy" on the part of the Wellington public.

The standard of Cappicade was undoubtedly higher this year. No doubt in Wellington's 200,000 there are sufficient people to appreciate this in a tangible way next year. Why should Cappicade pander to the lowest level. If the public wants its bobs worth of smut let it get it at Railway Bookstalls.

I would like to congratulate editor Paul Cotton and his few (oh so few) assistants, for breaking the insidious tradition of low level humour in Cappicade. I agree that a sprinkling of lavatory humour can add spice to a publication of this kind—-but why wallow in it.

I will also agree with "Vaux" that Cappicade should not be left to the few—but anyone who felt that they could write for Cappicade were continuously approached by the Editor before the publication came out, which, on the whole "Vaux" is a better time to do so.

"Nga Nath Phaceil."