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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria University College, Wellington N.Z. Vol. 21, No. 10. August 6, 1958

God Defend...

God Defend....

Kiwi Kensingtonian Finds B.B.C Non-U

"There has been a tendency to pay excessive regard to the particular kind of speech used by the B.B.C. but the attitude of educationists today is that children should be taught to speak clearly, pleasantly and courteously in the natural correct style. He said children should not be taught to speak with a plum in the mouth or in a way that was unnatural to them. I do not believe in adopting the dialect of another country. People should try to improve the New Zealand way of speaking but not with affectation. Members of the Royal Family spoke very well and this provided a good model for the New Zealand way of speaking."

—Mr. Bradley, Senior Inspector of Primary Schools in Southland: "Standard", 23 6 /1958.

This Legislated Age . . .

It was well known that vodka had a very simulating effect. The defendants were suffering from the frustrations every young man suffered from in this legislated age. There is not much young men can do to get rid of the animal feelings they all have. A-freely admitted hitting the constable over the head with a milk bottle but denied hitting him from behind or when his attention was distracted.

—Mr. Stacey, defence counsel for two young men charged in the Magistrate's Court, Lower Hutt: "Dominion", 1958.

Just to prove that people today are no worse than their parents we offer you—

Vintage Reprints

Bikinis to Come ...

Asked why she had acted in this way the defendant said she did so entirely for health reasons. She did not belong to a nudist club but had pracised nudism ever since she could remember.

"I do not know why that should make any difference," said the magistrate. "There is not very much difference between nudism and the latest bathing costumes. Why do you not wear a bathing costume?"

—"Evening Post", 1939.

First Impressions

Though had not been in Germany very long he had gained the impression that Herr Hitler had done a great deal of good for the people generally, said Mr. McPhail. Herr Hitler's purges had included all aspects of life.... He said that at a fair he attended in Berlin machine guns trained on figures of men were used in shooting booths and tanks and models of other weapons used in modern warfare were mounted on the roundabouts.

"Evening Post", 1939.

Who Said I'm a Scaredey-Cat?

I am more afraid of thunderstorms than earthquakes," said Mr. Baird, "and I'm not scared of thunderstorms. I regard them just as everyone else does."

—"Dominion", 1939.

Letter to "Dominion"


—On the question of Social Security a young supporter of the Labour Party said to me recently: "The old people are entitled to live in luxury. My reply was: "The old people are entitled to what they have earned. That being my view of Social Security, I have gone on strike. I am leaving today after having tried this country for seven years. I prefer the land of lions and millionaires where the natives are turning Christian rather than this country where the young people are becoming pagan

"I doubt whether any party has ever had a system of organisation so complete in its activities stretching through every walk of life." Mr. Hamilton said: "It is becoming more and more realised by the people that our party has no axe to grind and is not sectional in any of its aims. It stands as the spearhead of the fight for good government, for all the people as against bad government—government that is class conscious".

—"Dominion", 1939.

"Love in Americal films is like hot water in the provinces, it only occurs in the best hotels."

—Brian Bell.