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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria University, Wellington N.Z. Vol. 22, No. 8. August 3, 1959

Freedom v. Treason

Freedom v. Treason

The following statement has been received from the Afrikaanse Studentebond (A.S.B.), Union of South Africa:—

"It has come to our notice through a statement by our Minister of Education that a students' association called N.U.S.A.S. (National Union of South African Students), has written letters to foreign universities with the aim of inducing them to send protests to our Government on University Apartheid.

"We, the A.S.B., on behalf of our more than 16,000 members, who represent the vast majority of South African students, view this deed with gravest concern, and cannot consider it otherwise than an act of high treason towards South Africa. The United Nations have proclaimed that no State should interfere with the internal affairs of another.

"This, however, is constantly being done by associations and institutions outside our boundaries. We consider it to be a most contemptible act of betrayal of our country when a South African students' association urges the foreigner to interfere.

"We, the A.S.B., stand foursquare behind our Government. We know that its aims are humanitarian. Our enemies an liberalists and leftists.

"We are attempting to find the best biological solution and we the young generation, do not hesitate to say that we shall give our blood in order to realise what we consider the most Christian solution to all racial difficulties. We know the enemy, who is out to mongrelise the world, and we shall fight him wherever he shows his face.

"We have millions of friends all over the globe, but unfortunately they are not in control of the great propaganda machine Nevertheless, we are convinced, in our young hearts, that the white race will survive and will refuse to be destroyed by those who believe that race mixing is an act of the highest moral value.

"We would be pleased if all academic institutions of this world would take note of this protest, and that we South Africans are being submitted to a defamatory campaign such as the world has never seen before."