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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 30, No. 8. 1967.

Classics victory in Intramural sports

Classics victory in Intramural sports

Classics Department first, Political Science second, third place to the Accountancy Department and fourth to the BCA team. This was the result of the Intramural Indoor Soccer Knockout competition. The Knockout competition is now being run on a Challenge Ladder basis. This will run to the end of the term.

Fun is the outcome of the Intramural Competition to date. Badminton has recov-ered from a short lull to develop into a spirited competition. Volleyball is providing an opportunity for those with a "flare" for social sport, whilst the hard core of Basketballers would gladden even Uncle Sam's heart. But, alas, oh dear, what has happened to the table tennisers—what is causing their interest to wane?

Noticed the exuberance of faculty staff of late? Reports indicate that their new bounce is a result of their increased use of the trampoline. This is also a student amenity you know. Bounce through your degree; meet the faculty staff over trampoline—seems to be the place where you'll find them these days.

There is no reason why the gym should not be accepted into student politics. Like Sports Committeewise. It's a fact that the girls get great use from the gym. It's a fact that last year there were no ladies on Sports Committee, Perhaps if some of the fairer sex were to seek inclusion on incoming committee there would be greater liaison between this building and that body? Other benefits are also envisagable from this fair invasion.

"I say, old man—winter cricket—no, not really! Whatho, perhaps these are better than the old days, what? Perhaps my arm action could be improved. This confound-ed interruption in play; not good for the game, you know. Even be good for the fellows with their batting. Oh dear, no one ever told me we gen-tlemen of the country could be given such a marvellous opportunity. Damn poor show. There is this fellow in the gym, damn nice chap really, all prepared to offer the equipment (and tons of space) for us to practise indoors in the winter, and what do we do? We neglect it! Shameful. Have to do something about this."

Fund raising? Then see the golf club. Maybe they would like to sell a golf practice net? Near new condition, one season old but hardly used. Also driving mat. Can be viewed at the gym any time as it is no longer used. Please feel welcome to call and inspect— even use it.

Who said "everything improves with use?" It doesn't matter, but as the snow on the mountain is rapidly improving for faster skiing it seems so too is the dry ski slope. Wax from the skis of the beginners (and others) is now increasing the speed of the slope to keep up with the advancement of its users.

Chris Corry

New Sports Committee officer, Mr. Chris Corry. Mr. Corry was elected unopposed to the short term executive due to take office at the end of this month.

At present studying for an LLM. Mr. Corry has represented Victoria at tournament Athletics almost continuously since 1960. The exception was In 1966. He Is also a member of the Harrier club and was last year the club captain.

He was last year a member of sports committee and was a member of the three-man sub-committee set up to study the question of eligibility for Victoria sports club members. He is secretary of the Nzu Athletics Council and for the past three years has been the Athletics delegate to Nzusu. For 1964-1965 he was treasurer of Nzspa.