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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Student's Newspaper. Volume 31, Number 7. April 23 1968

Saunders 'won't obey' NZUSA

Saunders 'won't obey' NZUSA

"You can pass any motions you like—I have no intention of following them. This body has no power at all over NZSPA."

These were the words of the President of the N. Z. Student Press Association, Barrie Saunders, in opposition to a move by Auckland Past President John Prebble to scotch plans for the incorporation of NZSPA.

"During the third term last year, a piece of paper was circulated among constituents asking them to seal it to enable NZSPA to be incorporated," said Mr Prebble. "This took me by surprise; I believe that although other Execs signed it, they were also a trifle surprised."

"I feel that NZSPA ought to stay a commission of NZUSA like Debating Council and Arts Council for the following reasons: (1) At present, constituents do not pay a great deal of attention to what NZ Spa motions suggest as it only has recommending power. For it to be more effective, it should be incorporated in NZ USA. Their motions would then come to plenary and be discussed. At the moment, they are just recommendations.

"(2) I think the proliferation of national student bodies is something to be avoided. I think that NZUSU and the national Football Council are unfortunate and should be brought back into the fold. When there is an opening to bring one of these bodies back, this opportunity should be taken.

"(3) It would also enable NZSPA to use facilities in the NZUSA office."

Objecting to Mr Prebble's comments, Otago Vice-President Manickavasagam said "I do not think this Council is competent to discuss this. It is a separate body."

Replying on behalf of NZSPA, Mr Saunders said "It was decided at Easter Council 1966 by all constituents that NZSPA be separate. Press Council is the only body which has power to decide whether NZSPA is to be incorporated or not."

Mr. Saunders pointed out that NZSPA operated best as a separate entity; that the proliferation of bodies was no argument at all, and that it was not desirable for NZSPA to use NZUSA's office as it is a considerable distance from Victoria, where NZSPA is now sited; and that it has use of Salient's office.

A new motion, "That NZ USA recommend to its delegates that they sign and seal the application of NZSPA for incorporation as an incorporated society" was then proposed by Auckland and passed unanimously.