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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Volume 31, Number 22. September 17, 1968


Magazines Glorify Mixed Marriages

An in depth study of: Why interracial propagandal Interracial sex? Does it lead to marriage? What does the future hold?

Many surveys are now being printed on interracial sex in America. Which of them are pure propaganda intended on furthering such practices and which are factual? How serious is this threat to the survival of the White race and how is it to be combatted?

There can be little doubt that the spreading hippie cult of degeneracy is influencing many youths to experiment with interracial sex. Our new lax and immoral society encourage thrill seeking and curious youths to seek the far out, marijuana, heroin - and sex relations with the opposite race.

Race-mixing movies play an important part, especially in influencing our young girls. (such as "Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner" glorifying the Negro Sidney Poitier, portrayed by the Jew produced Elia Kazan as a "choice catch for any White girl.") The highly publicized interracial marriages of such people as Dean Rusk's daughter to a Negro and Sen. Brooks daughter to a White boy, etc., have given a dangerous 'precedent' to such unnatural practices.

It is now a common sight in many of the larger Northern and Western cities to see young mixed couples flaunting their relationships in public places.