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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Volume 31, Number 22. September 17, 1968

In Depth Study Of: Interracial Sex Practices In America

page 6

In Depth Study Of: Interracial Sex Practices In America

Magazines Glorify Mixed Marriages

An in depth study of: Why interracial propagandal Interracial sex? Does it lead to marriage? What does the future hold?

Many surveys are now being printed on interracial sex in America. Which of them are pure propaganda intended on furthering such practices and which are factual? How serious is this threat to the survival of the White race and how is it to be combatted?

There can be little doubt that the spreading hippie cult of degeneracy is influencing many youths to experiment with interracial sex. Our new lax and immoral society encourage thrill seeking and curious youths to seek the far out, marijuana, heroin - and sex relations with the opposite race.

Race-mixing movies play an important part, especially in influencing our young girls. (such as "Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner" glorifying the Negro Sidney Poitier, portrayed by the Jew produced Elia Kazan as a "choice catch for any White girl.") The highly publicized interracial marriages of such people as Dean Rusk's daughter to a Negro and Sen. Brooks daughter to a White boy, etc., have given a dangerous 'precedent' to such unnatural practices.

It is now a common sight in many of the larger Northern and Western cities to see young mixed couples flaunting their relationships in public places.

Preachers And Teachers Guilty

There can be no doubt that the education of our White youths has been corrupted by many warped and fuzzy-minded professors and ministers. A poll taken recently at Detrolts Wayne State University showed that 279 out of 365 students said they had no objection to dating someone of another race. (Keep in mind that many of these students were Negroes.)

Most interracial dating is taking place in the large cities and among the University students and others influenced by the hippie cult and left-wing anti-war and civil rights movements. It is also realized that the college youth of today have for the most part been spoiled and pampered by their free spending parents. The fact that they are living a soft life in college, never accomplished a days work, and supported by mom and dad back home makes them rebellious. They feel that the world owes them something and are often in continuous revolt against the police, college authority and their bewildered parents back home.

The Jew who heads the sociology department at San Farnando Valley State College, Dr. Lewis Yablonsky reports: "If a White girl wants to get even with her parents, the classic pattern is to go out with someone Black." Many other White girls, seeking to further the cause of liberalism practice mixed dating for what they see as a 'practical' way of breaking down racialbarriers and helping the Negro to 'overcome' discriminationl

It has been proven that most White girls who date Negro men come from upper middle class and wealthy White families. Their parents are most often radical liberals - until they receive the shock of their life -And Discover That Their Daughter Is Dating A Negrol Then they usually try and send the girl to a different college, or even to a psychiatrist. If one point is positive, it is that they do not want their daughters to practice what in theory they preach.

Why Negro Men Want White Women

There are an estimated 50,000 mixed marriages in America today (this includes many ignorant and foolish G.I.'s who married Asiatic girls and brought them back to America). Most Whites married to Negroes are females. Very few White men marry Negro women.

There are several reasons for this. First the male is the suitor and the female is the object of his conquest. Most Whitemen are not attracted to Negro women simply because they are ugly, and cannot begin to compare with the beauty of White women. Of course heritages and traditions are also good barriers that help to keep our races apart.

The Negro male, however, is in active pursuit of White women. The high ratio of Negro athletes on college campuses and the hero-worship of such football, and basketball stars have made some White girls eager to accept dates from Negro males. Some White girls are said to be stimulated by some perverted curiosity of experimentation with sexual relations with a totally opposite race. The stories that Negro men possess an overly large organ and an abnormal sex drive may have stimulated other White women.

It must be remembered that properly raised and educated White girls are not nearly as likely to fall into the above catagory as are girls from ultraliberal homes. To the Negro male, having a White girl friend is a symbol of success, status, and achievement. They consider the sexual conquest of a White woman a challenge. To the Negro, the White woman is the 'forbidden fruit' and is shrouded in mystery.

Inferiority Torments Negroes

The rape of a Negro woman by a White man is so rare that It is almost an oddity. But the rape of White women by Negro males is an almost daily occurrence. The Negro knows that he is inferior to White men, in looks, intelligence, status, and economics. Many of them are possessed by a secret and violent Jealousy of White people. To forcibly rape a White woman is an unconscious invasion of the most sacred citadel of the White race. The Negro then feels he has fulfilled the desires which White society has denied him. It Is most interesting that after raping a White woman, the Negro male usually will beat and slash her unmercifully, and most often try and kill his victim. The reason for this is that after the rape act, he immediately realizes that he has still not accomplished 'equality' and takes out his vicious hatred for all White people upon this innocent victim.

There can be no doubt that the Negro mind is constantly preoccupied with the sexual conquest of White woman. Therefore, the Negro male has but one object when interracial dating occurs. Yet, it is surprising that 85% of the time such interracial dating does not lead to intermarriage. Such unions comprise less than one percent of all the marriages in the United States today.

Even when such interracial couples contemplate such marriages, there are many obstacles that break them up before they reach the altar. They are mainly:

1) Strong oppostion from parents, who are deeply grieved by the idea, if not outraged.

2) The fact that once a White high school or college girl dates a Negro she knows that she will be rejected by her White male classmates. Also, many of her friends consider any White girl dating a Negro to be of low moral character, or mentally deficient.

(3 When a Negro takes a White girl to bis 'hangouts' she is usually shocked by the behavior and language of Negroes drinking and revealing their crude and primitive way of life.

(4 Above all, general public opinion which the White girl knows will make her a social outcast eventually deters any final step to the marriage altar. It should be noted that the state with the highest rate of illegitimate births ofNegro babies from White women is Minnesota. White women having black babies here is actually over 50 per cent of all illegitimate births. This is a state with a very low Negro population, but with quite a few Negro students attending colleges and universities there. They have heard the White people there are

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Cover of MacLean's magazine. March 1968

NATIONAL PUBLICITY was given to the marriage of Roslyn Hees, daughter of a leading Canadian politician, financier and millionaire George Hees. Her husband is a Negro lawyer in Washington, D.C. named Durward Taylor. The magazine quotes her as saying she chose a Negro for a mate. "Because maybe there wouldn't be so many problems between Blacks and Whites if there were more coffee-colored people." Here is proof she has been totally brainwashed.

Photo of African American and European girl seated together in park

"Time Magazine" praises the engagement of Negro Robert Hall to Miss Nancy Witton. They both attend Western Washington State College In Seattle. Her widowed mother works at the Boeing Co. there. "Time" says they represent the "campus elite". They go on to say such couples are now in "vogue" and movies like "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" is popularizing mixed dating.