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Salient: Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Vol. 32, No. 4. 1969.



She was walking home one day
when she saw a camel
throwing up by the roadside.
He looked up at her and smiled and said hi
She liked that camel
and she wanted to reply but she just walked on
because she knew it wouldn't do to be seen
Saying hi to a camel
throwing up by the roadside.
She kept on walking along that road
but she took off her shoes because she thought
what bloody use are shoes anyway
And that was when she saw the magpies
sitting primly on the barbed-wire fence
Discussing life in a very philosophical manner.
And as she passed them by, one called out to her and asked
Her what she thought it was all about
But she said she ddin't know
And she didn't think anyway.
So she put her shoes back on like everyone else
And trod only in the footsteps that
Everyone else had used.
She stepped into a footstep which closed up on her foot
And she got her foot stuck in it
and she couldn't get it unstuck
and nobody stopped to help her get it unstuck either
So she stayed in that footstep
Wishing that she'd left her shoes off
Until she died.



Every time I strolled near that place
I felt contentment, gaiety, relaxing
My neck glowed warmly as I hear
Sensual music, peaceful and plain
Shall I meet you there again?
I rest now upon this rock,
Flat it is, I watch your flock
coming and going to the toll of [unclear: the]
not one thinking of Satan's home,
Not one thinks of "if I fell?"
Every time I see those people,
enter the church with the lonely
I think once more of
you and how you are not here beside me now,
and how unsuited we are without [unclear: feeble] dreams.