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Salient: Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Vol. 32, No. 4. 1969.

48 minutes in time

48 minutes in time

Day: 18 March.

Place: Women's Commonroom.

5.30. Advertised time of opening of Literary Society annual general meeting. Scene: frenzied inactivity.

5.38. Dave Harcourt counts audience to find out if it's a quorum. It isn't, Pause, while five more people are waited for.

539. Dave Harcourt distributes cigarettes all round.

5.39(. Simon Arnold says: "We might as well start. How does that sound?" Still no quorum.

5.40. Meeting opens, chaired by Simon Arnold and Dave Harcourt. Still no quorum.

5.42. Fascist contingent, complete with iron crosses, leather jackets and knives arrives. Quorum. The Fascists—called the Marauders—have been persuaded to leave their motor cycles downstairs, apparently with difficulty.

5.44 Dave Harcourt says, "Let's have some general discussion—oh, before that we'd better have a poetry reading."

5.45. Reading of Lawrence Ferlinghctti's poem "Underwear".

5.50. Reading of D.H. Lawrence's "The Mess of Love".

5.55. Fascist poet, Jim Morgan, brings "greetings from the Fascist minority" and commands men to sit on the right, women on the left. Everyone obeys. Reads two poems by Dylan Thomas — "he would have been a Fascist if he hadn't gone to Prague to lecture to the Communists." "This is a poem about Fascism—if you don't like Fascism you can leave but if you do I've brought my people here to slash your tyres."

5.57. Horgan read two of his own poems. One is about "machines being more important than men."

6.05. Dave Harcourt announces: "We have here the lilerary cream of the University—hasn't anyone any suggestions?" No reply.

6.08. In response to anguished pleas from Dave Harcourt eight people announce their willingness to "help" Litsoc. They became the committee.

6.10. Derek Melser nominated as chairman. He declines—"I thought you wanted to be chairman, David."

6.11. Two people come in the door. Dave Harcourt asks them, "Are you prepared to help Literary Society?" They go out.

6.15. Fascist contingent leaves—not one chair has been slashed, let alone a leftist.

6.17. Everybody signs form affiliating Litsoc to Studass.

6.18. Dave Harcourt announces meeting has ended.

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