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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 20. 1972

The New Rich — Bloodsuckers

The New Rich — Bloodsuckers

Tan Sri Haji Mahammed Noah, father-in-law of Razak the Prime Minister of the puppet regime and also father-in-law of another two Cabinet Ministers, was a former President of the Dewan Negara or puppet Senate. His case is an outstanding example of nepotism and abuse of official position for personal gain which are rife among the puppet leaders. He is Chairman of the Johore Sugar Plantations & Industries Berhad, a joint enterprise between the UMNO—MCA bureaucrat-comprador capitalists and the Japanese-Taiwan big capitalists, with M$25 million capital and possessing a vast tract of land (20,680 acres) given to it by the puppet regime. He is concurrently Chairman of Langkawi Marble Co. Ltd., Deputy Chairman of several concerns including Malayan Flour Mills Ltd., United Malayan Banking Corporation and a Director of many firms including Esso Standard (M) Bhd., Selangor Dredging Ltd., Robinson & Co. (M) Ltd., Southeast Asia Housing Ltd., and First Life Assurance Ltd., He was also the first Chairman of Genting Highlands Sdn. Bhd. and recently he disguises as a Director of this biggest casino-hotel complex in Southeast Asia -- the miniature of the "Las Vegas" or "Monte Carlo" of Malaysia. Thus with the advice of Razak, a former Deputy Inspector General of Police known as Tan Sri Heji Hussain has been appointed as a new Chairman of this 15,000 acre Genting Highlands tourist complex -- "the world of dreams" for bureaucrat-comprador capitalist and and foreign monopoly capitalists. It goes without saying that he is also business agent for his son-in-law- the puppet Premier. (Straits Times, 30-1 72).

Cartoon of two sailors

Ismail Abdul Rahman, the puppet Dupty Premier, Minister for Home Affairs andchairman of the Johre Alliance, formerly Affairs puppet Ambassdor to the U.S. and the UNO, UNO, is Chairman or Director of many concerns including the Malayan Banking Ltd., Guthries, Dunlop, Food Specialist (M) Bhd, the Cathay organisation, National Shipping Corporation etc. Most of them are companies owned or dominated by foregin monoploy capitalists.

Nik Ahmad Kamil, head of the UMNO in Kelantan, was formerly puppet Ambassador to the U.S. and the UNO and High Commission to the the United Kingdom. The first prominent puppet bureacrat to resign and go into business, he has become President of the National Chamber of "Malaysian" Manufacturers and a Director of the Asian Development Bank and a number of companies, including the Rothman Tobacco Co., Utusan Melayu Press etc.

Hussein Nordin, Ex-Secretary General of the UMNO, who has been puppet M.P since 1959, is head of the Tabong Haji (Pilgrims Management and Funds Board), a Director of the Utusan Melayu Press, a construct ion firm, a shipping firm and enterprises manufacturing cement and sugar.

Mohammed Yusof former Permanent Secretary to the puppet Ministry of Labour, has become a Director of more than 20 companies and Executive Secretary of the National Chamber of Malaysian Manufactures. He gave a special interview to the press to show off his newly-built 15-room palatial mansion, with a swimming pool attached, costing nearly a quarter of a million dollars. He owns more than five limousines. How could he have acquired his position and great wealth so soon after his retirement unless he resorted to the to the grossest from of corruption and manipulation of public funds and colluded most outrageously with foregin monopoly capitalists. This also applies to other bureaucrats who have become millionaires overnight.