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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol. 37, No. 10. May 22, 1974



Dear Sir,

In connection with 'Shindig' held on April 20 1974, we would like to state the following: —

'The Shindig was organised with two main objectives in mind. To provide social entertainment for members and to raise funds to finance the Pan NZ Photo Culture Exhibition' to be staged in the latter part of May.

The article in the last issue of Salient over magnified the situation as did the letter by Revolutionary Culture.

Briefly, over 300 people attended the function. Four doormen were employed for door-collection and they were given strict instructions not to allow bottled-drinks to be brought into the hall. It became apparent that they did not live up to our expectation, as bottles of beer were later found to be in the possession of some people in the hall.

The main cause of the trouble at the Shindig was largely due to the poor co-ordination of the Agency which was responsible for the set up of the musical instruments for the two bands in attendance on that night. Undue delay ted to throwing of empty beer cans (not bottles as alleged). This was soon stopped temporarily by the organisers. However at about lam, two distinctive groups whose presence was obviously to create trouble Initiated disturbance. This resulted in the police being called to prevent any further serious incident. There was no truth whatsoever in allegations like widespread fightings or smashed windows.

Referring to Revolutionary Culture's misinformed letter (one wonders if he was even at the (unction), we would like to emphasise that the present Executive Committee believes in organising functions primarily for the interest of its members and is completely unconcerned with profit motives. Revolutionary Culture and others may wish to know that Wellington MSSA has so far assisted in well over 40 students in finding suitable accommodation. Also, much time was spent last year in correspondence to intending students from Malaysia and Singapore. Our programmes for this year do not consist of just 'dances or rock music' as generalised by Revolutionary Culture. Our programmes include a ski trip down Queenstown during the August vacation, excursion trips to Napier and other places of interest, coffee evenings cum cultural nights where film shows depicting scenes and other cultural back-home interests will be shown. We hope by the revelation of these programmes. Revolutionary Culture will realise that the present MSSA Executive Committee is not having a lop-sided programme for this year.

To sum up, I would like to apologise on behalf of the Executive Committee to all present at our function for the seeming lack of organisation which could be attributed to breach of agreement by the artists hired for the evening.

David Tan,

President, Wellington MSSA.