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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 37, Number 25. 25th September 1974

On indulgence

On indulgence

Dear Salient,

K.K. Chong's cynical letter in the recent issue of Salient singling out his personal gratitude (very much unwanted!) to the 60 students who joined MSA on Sep 14 reflects not only poorly of himself and his ex-colleagues in MSA but also his glaring and unforgiving malicious intent. It leaves no doubt that Chong's prime objective was to instil provocation among MSA members, resulting in unnecessary conflict and frustration. The question is, is it necessary at all, for Chong to issue that statement (smeared with hypocrisy) thanking these 60 odd members?

It is indeed sad that student leaders like Chong should choose such an outlet to reveal his short-sightedness and immaturity. One would expect Chong to display a reasonable sense of responsibility, in view of the position he held in the 1973/74 MSA executive. Surely Chong's indulgence in this instance, issuing irresponsible impulsive outbursts of unwarranted statements should not go without criticism.

David Tan