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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. [Volume 39, Issue 8. April 1976]

Stormy Malaysians Spilling Out of Teacups

Stormy Malaysians Spilling Out of Teacups

Dear Sir,

Over the past issues of Salient, another Malaysian storm has brewed in a teacup. It spilled, and what a bloody mess it was. Allegations and counter-allegations, name-calling, cursing swearing, 4-letter words, promises, intimidation, bribery and what have you - typical lurid Malaysian squabbles. Yes and no it is developing into a significant issue.

As the smog of confusion slowly decends upon the Malaysian population in Wellington, the MSA heavies whose policies instigated the storm, remained appalingly uncommitted. Where is Leo Ann Puat our MSA President, and all the MSA [unclear: spolosmen]? Now is the time to make your stand. We won t tolerate TIDAK APA or "no comment" attitude from Malaysian students' representatives.

John Chin where are ya? Ain't ya gonna write another donkey-evolution theory, please? I love to read they goodam jokes, man

— Malayan observer.