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Maori Deeds of Old Private Land Purchases in New Zealand, From the Year 1815 to 1840, with Pre-Emptive and Other Claims

Kerikeri (Lanad at), for Missionaries’ Children, Bay of Islands District

Kerikeri (Lanad at), for Missionaries’ Children, Bay of Islands District.

1831. 8 October.Bay of Islands Districi. We whose names are hereunto affixed do from henceforth give up and renounce for ever in our own names in the names of our children and Tribe all the Land Trees Kerikeri. Brush and every thing else upon the said land to Mr. James Kemp in and on the Mission children. behalf of the children of the Church Missionaries Society’s Missionaries in New Zealand all the land adjoining the Missionary Station at Kerikeri, on the eighth of Boundaries. [3,000 acres.] October in the year of our Lord 1831. Bounded on the East by the Okura river, to the Southward and Eastward by Waitataramoa in a line to a wood called Orongo including the whole of the said Wood in the purchase, Bounded on the West by a line from the West of Orongo to Puke Totara and on the North by the Kerikeri Receipt. river containing 3,000 acres of land more or less. In consideration of which the following articles have been given and received by the Chiefs whose names and signatures are hereunto affixed, viz. 130 Blankets, 60 Axes, 30 Adzes, 70 Hoes, 2 Casks Tobacco, 100 Plane Irons, 60 Knives, 100 Scissors, 40 Rugs, 60 Iron Pots, 48 chisels, 40 Belts, 144 Combs, 4,000 Fish Hooks, 24 Shark Hooks.

Te Morenga x.
Rewa x.
Titore x.
Warerahi x.
Penamahue x.
Huri x.
Pita x.
Kaikore x.
Kuri x.
Te Hara x.
Waraki x.
Matangi x.
Patuone x.
Wakarua x.
Nene x.
Wai x.
Taunui x.
Puhe x.

G. Clarke.
J. Shepherd.

No. 309O.L.C. True Copy.

Henry T. Kemp.