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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review, June 1904

Victoria College Teams

Victoria College Teams.

The Team which travelled to Dunedin was a very happy one. The Conservation instincts of the selectors, not to mention the necessities of the case, had contrived a combination which had fought on many a stricken field for the honour of the College—and many a time been stricken. fully half the Athletic team had fallen on Lancaster Park at the first Tournament and had once more faced disaster on the Auckland Domain. Now, inured to defeat, the veteran band faced Dunedin with grim resolve—and there cases of provisions. It was true that Miss Van Staveren considerably reduced our Tennis strength by her unavoidable absence and that Rawdon Beere thought fit to take tonsilitis just in time to prevent him leaving Wellington. It was true that H. Thompson was barred by the cares of State and a malignant star. But the talking team was all there and we felt sure that they at least would finish strong.

Many men were the foemen brave,
And College it had but few,
But we rested a hope where orators rave,
And our colours aloft we flew.
"We'll go down in Athletics, for sure," we cried,
"And in Tennis perhaps we will,
But as long as they give our debaters a chance,
Their jaws will be wagging still."

The Athletic Team, picked by selection consisting of G. F. Dixon, F. A. de la Mare and H. W. King, was as follow :
100 yds. & 220 yds. Championships T. E. Y. Seddon H. W. King . .
440 yds. Championships F. A. de la Mare G. F. Dixon H. W. King
880 yds, Championships F. A. de la Mare G. F. Dixon . .
High Jump Championships F. A. de la Mare . . . .
Long Jump Championships T. A. Seddon H. W. King . .
120 Hurdles Championships F. A. de la Mare . . . .
Putting Weight Championships F. P. Wilson . . . .
1 Mile Walk Championships A. Tudhope A.G. Quartley A. J. Thompson
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The Tennis Team was arranged as follows:
Ladies' Singles Missees A. Batham, F. G. Roberts, G. F. Cooke
Ladies' Doubles Misss A. Bathm and F. G. Roberts; Misses G. F. Cooke and E. Richardson
Men's singles G. S. Prouse, F. P. Wilson and F. A. de la Mare
Men's Doubles F. P. Wilson and F. A. de la Mare; G. S. Prouse and O. Prouse
Combined Doubles Miss A. Batham and G. S. Prouse; Miss F. G. Roberts and F. P. Wilson; Miss G. F. Cooke and F. A. de la Mare

The Debating Society elected G. Toogood and A. G. Quartley for the Debate.

G. F. Dixon was appointed Manager by the Committee of the Student's Association.