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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review, June 1904


page 27


Mark you, a passing shrewd crack on the shins.
Let us tell o'er our knocks. Nay friend, the tale
Where overlong. I did come home in sections,
And spend the morrow picking up the pieces.

"Measure for measure."

Sketch of men playing hockey

AA mighty popular game i'faith. Two score men fighting for thirty and three places. For college this year has three teams of men, not to mention two of ladies. The amount of enthusiasm expended on Team IIB would, if otherwise applied send eleven men through their first year's terms without a groan. Each man in IIA is fighting for his place, and the Selection Committee has some difficulty in deciding who shall play Senior. Altogether things are buzzing.

- - - -

Things buzzed at the Annual Meeting until it came to the appointment of Secretary. No one would accept the honourable appointment until King was persuaded. Now it happened that the footballers were after King and so it came about that the Football Club was "dished," and the Hockey Club supplied with Secretary and centre forward. Vae victis.

- - - -

There is nevertheless much friendly spirit between the Hockey and Football Clubs. When either team has a bye its members volunteer for vaccines in the rival club The rousing cheers which delighted Team IIA at Waiwetu came from the footballers returning from Kia Ora. The Clubs are at one, too, on the question of students playing for outside clubs. A motion which was passed at the Annual Meeting ? but which does not appear in the minutes ? calmly instructed the Committee to "get on to" the culprits.

- - - -

The Ladies' Hockey Club is said to have played one man short in its match. Perhaps the Referee was refered to.

On the 4th June the College, for the first time, was represented in matches by 5 hockey Teams.

page 28

The Following are the results o the Championship matches:—

Team I Senior.

(Captain D. MATHESON.)

V.C. v Y.M.C.A. Won 12—1. College forwards made the pace from the bully off. O. Prouse (6), King (3), Beere (2), Dixon (1), were the scorers, — Prouse being in great form.

V.C. v Karori. Lost 5—2. A hard game. Combination of opposing forwards too good. College weak in half-line. O. Prouse was the College scorer.

V.C. v Wellington. Lost 4—1. college showed better form than on previous Saturday Grundy entered Senior ranks and played well. G Prouse who scored was the pick of the forward line. Ryburn in goal played very safe game.

V.C. v Waiwetu. Won 5—2. Gronnd too wet for fast play. Richmond again donned the jersey. G. Prouse (2), King (2), O. Prouse (1), were the scorers for college. V.C. V Vivian, Won 3—2. Heavy rain fell throughout the game—good display of Hockey by both teams College showed improved hitting, Beere on right wing centring much better. O. Prouse (2), and Beere scored for College.

Team IIA

(Captain J. G. BEE.)

V.C V Wellington A Lost 4—1. Scott placed a goal just before the call of time. Furby, Willis and Grundy played well for College.

V.C. v Thorndon. Won. 3—1. Bee (2), and Hancox (1) scored. No combination.

V.C. v V.C B. Won 6—1. At the outset Bee notched 3 goals in rapid succession. After that the play was more even. Bee obtained another goal and 2 were due to Scott.

V.C.v Karori. Lost 5—1. Back defence weak. Bee scored a beautiful goal; among the forwards Matthews and Gillespie also played a good game.

V.C. v Waiwetu. Lost 7—2. played in blinding sleet and inky darkness in a sea of mud. Matthews on two occasions extricated the ball from the ground and hit goals College had one man short.

Team II B.

(Captain J. A. Brailsford.

V.C. v Waiwetu. Lost 6—0. We were very raw.

V.C. v Wellington B. LOST 6—0. Slight improvemen.

V.C. V V.C II A. Lost 6—1. The "Colts" are coming on. Wilde scored for us. We'll beat 'em yet.

V.C. v Wellington A. Los 19—0. A somewhat one-sided game. Our forwards no pressed.

V.C. v Y.M.C.A. Won 7—0. Team evidently improving, Mackenzie (3), Wilde (2), Brailsford (2), were the scorers for College.