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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review, 1939

The Shrinking Valiant

page 43

The Shrinking Valiant

I have two selves: one, lonely, stands
Before a dream with empty hands;
One Walks the earth in happy guise,
And keeps the world at bay with—lies!

Lies, lies, and lies! God keep my soul
That faces Him with such a toll,
Yet shows the world a steady chin—
And shields the quivering heart within!

Be still, O heart! What need to weep
When watch my other self shall keep?
Preserve thy sanctuary unmarred—
My will shall prove sufficient guard.

Forgive the tongue that chokes the cry
And gives a probing world the lie;
That vows a peace from hurt and pain.
And—turns to staunch the wound again!

O grant my lips shall not betray
The dust and darkness of the day.
And, in that shrine my visions gild,
My dreaming, empty heart be filled!