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The Spike or Victoria College Review 1942

Graduates, 1942

page 27

Graduates, 1942

Masters of Arts with Honours.—Corner, Frank Henry, First Class in History; Saker, Dorian Michael, Second Class in Latin and Greek.

in absentia.—Grinstead, Eric Douglas, Second Class in Latin and French; Parker, John Francis, Second Class in French; Waite, Ralph McFarlane, Third Class in Philosophy.

Masters of Arts.—Arnold, Harry Coleridge, in Philosophy; Danilow, Nicholas, in French; Durning, Francis, in History; Ferguson, James Taylor, in Philosophy; Reed, Randolph Craig, in Education.

Bachelors of Arts.—Armstrong, Ernest Alexander; Bade, Beatrice Frances; Bogle, Janet Stewart; Davie, Alison Maxwell; Dixon, Haddon Charles; Dixon, Mary Vera; English, Winifred Irene; Familton, Waldour Ross; Ferguson, Barbara Fergus; Fox, Raymond William; Harrison, Helen Mary; Hollyman, Kenneth James; Huggett, David Forey; Macmorran, Glen Watson; McLean, Ian Ronald; Moroney, Charles Andrew; O'Connor, Maureen; Robinson, Florence Marie Winifred Lynette; Rid-dell, Gordon George; Ross, Kathleen Sutherland; Scott, Robert Ronga; Simson, Dorothy Margaret; Stone, Sylvia Helen; Webster, Marion; Williams, Mary Patricia.

in absentia.—Becroft, Alison Cree; Evatt, Leo Reginald; Higgin, Gurth Wedderburn; Lindsay, Maureen Daisy; Macaskill, Patrick; Miles, Alan; Munro, William Alexander; Young, William Robert.

Master of Science with Honours.—de la Mare, Peter Bernard David, First Class in Chemistry.

Master of Science.—Freeman, Douglas Haig, in Chemistry.

Bachelors of Science.—Beavis, Graham; Brittain, Frederick Vincent; Broad, Enid Rosalie; Carter, Joyce; Clarkson, Kenneth Gordon; Cumber, Ronald Alan; Dawbin, William Henry Ivo; Ekdhal, Miles Oscar; Grigg, John Lawrence; Harpur, Robert Peter; Hands, Bruce Berghan; Hyslop, Robert John; Jones, Barrie Russell; Leahy, Joseph Emmett; Lees, Alexander Clark; Lowe, John Sandlands; MacGill, David Armitage; Morton, Ian Douglas; O'Donnell, Barrie George Michael; Oliver, Robin Langford; Seelye, Ralph Nicholson; Swedlund, Bernard Eskil; Te Punga, Martin Theodore; Ward, Robert Kelvin.

in absentia.—Butchers, John Barnard; Hough, Roy Frederick.

Master of Laws with Honours.—Aikman, Colin Campbell, First Class in International law and Conflict of Laws, Contract and Torts, Negligence, etc.

Bachelors of Laws.—Bisson, Gordon Ellis; Burnard, Rex Whittington; Gazley, William Vernon; Hall, Walter James; Oldfield, John Anderson; Scrymgeour, David Ross.

in absentia.—Woodhouse, Arthur Owen.

Masters of Commerce with Honours. —Mason, Brian Rex, Second Class in Economics and Economic History.

in absentia.—McEnnis, Jack Iveagh, Second Class in Economics and Economic History; Robertson, John Maurice, First Class in Economics and Company Law.

Bachelors of Commerce.—Anderson, Alexander; Cole, Gordon Howard; Dean, Allan John; Hely, Arnold Stanley McMath; Houtt, Bernard William Joseph; Rosenberg, Wolfgang; Spencer, Norman; Young, Joan Hawthorn.

in absentia.—Moore, Penwill James; Thurston, John Benjamin.

Diplomas in Education.—Marks (Nee Hefford), Margaret Cicely; Wood, Joan Myrtle.

Diplomas In Public Administration.—Atkinson, Leonard Allan; Davin, Thomas Patrick; McFarlane, Charles Archibald; Moriarty, Michael James; Reid, Keith Gilvaine; Rodda, Adrian George; Scott, Kenneth John; Smith, Thomas Richard.

Scholarships And Prizes

The Sir George Grey Scholarship:

B. G. M. O'Donnell (B.SC.)

Senior University Scholarships:

I. D. Morton (Chemistry)

M. T. Te Punga (Geology)

Glen W. Macmorran (Education)

W. H. I. Dawbin (Zoology)

K. J. Hollyman (French)

Travelling Scholarship in Arts:

F. H. Corner (M.A.)

Travelling Scholarship in Law:

C. C. M. Aikman (LL.M.)

Travelling Scholarship in Commerce:

S. N. Braithwaite (M.COM.)

The Shirtcliffe Fellowship:

P. B. D. de la Mare (M.SC.)

The Sir Robert Stout Scholarship:

Florence M. W. L. Robinson (B.A.)

The Lady Stout Bursary:

Janet S. Bogle

Alexander Crawford Scholarship:

Sarah T. Cramb (ARTS)

Emily Lilias Johnston Scholarships:

R. H. F. Denniston

Gwyneth C. Jolly

Lissie Rathbone Scholarship:

Joan E. Taylor

Jacob Joseph Scholarships:

P. B. D. de la Mare (M.SC.)

C. C. M. Aikman (LL.M.)

Butterworth's Prize:

F. D. O'Flynn

Chief Justices' Prize:

No award.

Bruce Dall Prize:

I. Lowe

John P. Good Prize:

I. Lowe

New Zealand Institute of Chemistry Prize:

P. Lever-Naylor

Macmorran Prize:

Marie L. Fleming