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The Spike or Victoria University College Review 1945


page 3


"Spike" 1945 appears in happier circumstances than its six predecessors. Not only is this the first peacetime issue after six years of war, it is the issue of the year of Victory. What does Victory mean to the University, particularly our own? Our numbers will not be depleted by war. We may expect advances in education which will result in greater numbers entering the University. The Rehabilitation opens to the returning soldier opportunities not otherwise available. These factors in themselves promise an extension and development of the New Zealand University and the education it offers. The accommodation of our Colleges is at the present stretched to its limit, and the solution is either restriction of numbers of those desiring entry, or an expansion of our facilities, buildings, staff and equipment. In other Colleges the line of least resistance has been taken and a restriction placed on students. In Victoria our authorities have taken as their policy "Restriction is our last extremity," and have evolved a very fair way out of possible difficulty to be met next year. However, the numbers are increasing and makeshift measures will not meet our needs. The New Zealand University is growing up, as evidenced by the fact that internal examination will next year be the rule in both Stages I and II, but still we have the absurd situation of classes of two hundred-and-fifty or more. The University requires more buildings to accommodate its numbers and, above all, more staff to educate them. Unless the accommodation and staff situation is remedied it is obvious that all students will not be free to enter the University. This puts University education out of step with New Zealand education at other levels, where education is becoming more universal. The school leaving age is raised, the post-primary curriculum extended to meet the needs of all, and at the top, in the higher seat of learning—a bottleneck, which tends to negate these other improvements. No—for consistency, University education must be in step with the rest this means under a good tutorial system, a staffing schedule allowing one lecturer for about fifteen or twenty students, together with adequate equipment and spacious buildings to house them.