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The Spike or Victoria College Review 1946



(With apologies to Villon)

Bullswool merchant though you be,
Grim Dig, Mousky marketer,
Candidate for the F.P.C.
Where desert roses bloom all year-
You who hocked my Groppi gear,
Scrounger, blundger, as you choose:
Where do the ackers disappear?
Bints and the Zibib get your feloose.

Pam-Pam patron, poker plute,
Housy hangman, tomboleer,
Clifty wallad, all your loot
Will soon be quite coloss, I fear.
You promise to reform next year...
Badin... fill mish-mish-what's the use?
I'll bet my boots and galabieh
Bints and the zibib get your feloose.

page 27

Gazooza, mepacrine, advice,
You spurn, and moya from the zeer;
You think felucca-bints are quais
And gharry-bints are quais kiteer.
The time is come, the way is clear
To stanna swire and call a truce;
But no, you've only one idea:
Bints and the zibib get your feloose.

Maleesh the condies! Though you fear
The College, cage and calaboose,
Like one magnoon you persevere:
Bints and the zibib get your feloose.


*"Away with all precautions." Derivation obscure.