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The Spike or Victoria College Review 1947



The judge for the Photographic Competition was Mr Brian Brake of Spencer Digby's Studio. His general comment was that the standard of the entries was not high although there were several prints showing promising ability. Technically, the prints were fair, but there is still room for great improvement in their composition. Mr Brake said that more attention should be given to obtaining a better quality negative to suit a desired grade of paper.

'Use the makers' formula for negative and photographic emulsion until you have become thoroughly familiar with its characteristics. Composition and conception cannot be derived from textbooks but must be gained though experience and a familiarity with the works of accomplished photographers and artists.'

The awards were as follows:—

1st—'Mary', by Phillip C. Alve.

'A charming study of a little girl with her doll in pleasant surroundings conveying to the beholder a homely atmosphere. Technically, it is very good, but could have been improved by printing in the top right-hand corner to concentrate the interest on the face.'

2nd—'Cascade', by D. C. Ball.

'The quality of this print is quite good in parts. The dark mass of trees on the right-hand side should have been lighter and the rock on the extreme left darker, improving the tonal balance and composition of the picture.'

3rd—(No title), J. G. Luckock.

page 34

'The conception of this study was high but fell down technically because of the bleached out portion of the background. The composition is good although the dark suitcase at the base of the picture is unfortunate. A darker background behind the patient would have been an improvement to this pleasing study.'

'The majority of the prints entered would have been improved by suitable mounting