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Victoria University Antarctic Research Expedition Science and Logistics Reports 1992-93: VUWAE 37

4 Publications

4 Publications

Two papers describing our earlier study at Tent Island have been published:

Antarctic skies I : Diurnal variations of the sky irradiance, and UV effects of the ozone hole, spring 1990, D.Beaglehole and G.G.Carter, J.G.R.Atmospheres D2, 97, 2589-2596, 1992

Antarctic skies II: Characterisation of the intensity and polarisation of skylight in a high albedo environment. D.Beaglehole and G.G.Carter, J.G.R.Atmospheres D2, 97, 2597-2600, 1992.

We are preparing one further report Antarctic skies III : Comparison of high and low albedosites, which will be submitted to J.G.R.

Some preliminary discussion of our comparison between Vanda and Tent Island has been given in our article

Ultraviolet radiation and Sea Ice Algae in Antarctica, K Ryan and D.Beaglehole, to be published in Ultraviolet radiation and biological research in Antarctica, eds S. Weiler and P. Penhale, Antarctic Research Series 1993.