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Victoria University Antarctic Research End-of-Season Report 1995-96: VUWAE 40

19 January - 03 February

19 January - 03 February.

Work at CR began in earnest with the arrival of all the equipment from the second off-load. In brief this was:
a.Drill Rig (included skis, enclosed platform, complete Longyear 44 HD power pack and mast) - total weight 17.5 tonnes.
b.Insulated Containers - 10 containers and respective sledges made up of: Accommodation Units × 3, Laboratories × 4, Mud Huts × 2 and Drill Site Generator Shed × 1 - total weight approximately 60 tonnes.
c.Steel Container × 1 (ex ENEA) - for storage at CR - total weight 6 tonnes.
d.Sea Riser parts including guide base, 12(?) × 6m lengths of outer casing incorporating inflatable floats, 6(?) × lm lengths of outer casing.
e.Ancillary Drilling Equipment including ice auger, Drill Rig rod ramp, stairway and stabilising 'outriggers', and drilling spares.
f.Tents. Polar Haven Mess Tent - 16′ × 24′ plus wooden insulated flooring panels for the Mess and Recreation Tents.
The main tasks were to:
a.Unpack all the containers, reposition the contents and reposition the containers for winterisation.
b.Assemble various buildings and equipment, eg fitout the three accommodation containers that had been delivered the previous year, assemble the 'Mess warm vestibule' and core saw linkway for DS Lab.
c.Carry out maintenance on the vehicles prior to winter.
d.Generally 'clean up' the whole storage area at CR, make an inventory and secure everything for winter.

The CRP team worked long continuous days and although the Project Manager was pleased with what was achieved there was still another few days work required to complete the task. Cowie, Reid and Sinclair were the last to leave CR on 03 February, the last day of helicopter flying for the season. The team had earlier (16 Jan) been strengthened by the arrival of "Mud" Davis, the second SB Plant Operator, who returned to SB on 23 January. Murray Mitchell departed CR for NZ on 20 January followed on 26th by Alex Pyne and Murray Knox. Pyne had a meeting the following day at the Crary Laboratory with Dr Scott Borg and Glen Smith, the manager, to discuss aspects of the Project as they affect the Crary Laboratory end of the operation. On 31 January Jeremy Ridgen left to return home and Eric Tripp and David Hornstein (SB Technician) arrived to continue the 'battle'.