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Keys to Aid in the Identification of Marine Harpacticoid Copepods. Amendment Bulletin No. 3.

Family Ameiridae

Family Ameiridae

1.General Notes (p.122):
(a) Ameira pusilla is redescribed by Bodin (1977); add to Note 2.
(b)The previously unknown male of Ameira pusilla is described by Bodin (1977) who also describes the male of Pseudameira crassicornis, previously described by Moore (1976); add to Note 5.
2.KGG 100 (p.105): Petkovski (1978) redescribes the female of Cancrincola jamaicensis. As a consequence amend the codon to read—
Note also that the codon for both C. abbreviata and C. longiseta should read—
3.KGG 300 (p.107): Add Nitocra pusilla to footnote e) (p.108).
4.KGG 400 (p.114):
(a)The codon on line 1 of p.115 refers to A. brevipes, not A. longipes (see also Wells, 1979:3).
(b) Ameira bathyalis Becker & Schriever, 1979 requires a new codon—
But note that the innermost seta of the P.5 Exp. is very small in this species. Thus it could be confused with several other species of the genus, e.g. A. longipes A. minuta, A. tenuicornis, A. speciosa, A. parvuloides, A. pusilla, A. parvula, A. scotti. page 7
(c) Pseudameira mixta has been omitted from the Keys; add a new codon—
(d) Ameiropsyllus monardi Bodin, 1977 requires a new codon—
(e) Ameiropsis ariana: Bodin (1977) places this species in his new genus Ameiropsyllus; amend the species name to Ameiropsyllus arianus.
5.KGG 700 (p.120): Nitocrella aestuarina Coull & Bell, 1979 requires a new codon—