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A Maori Maid

Macmillan's Colonial Library. All the volumes are issued in paper covers and in cloth

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Macmillan's Colonial Library. All the volumes are issued in paper covers and in cloth.

South Australtan Advertiser.—"We have already commended the discrimination shown in the selection of books for inclusion in this library, and predicted that a sure and wide demand would be created by a supply of the best works of the most popular authors of the present day at a uniform price but little in excess of a yellow-back novel. Some, indeed, are republications of works which even now are not to be obtained in England under 3rs. 6d. The books are in all cases excellently printed and neatly bound. Works of fiction are judiciously blended with those of a more serious and permanently interesting character."

The Times of India.—"For an expenditure of two or three pounds every upstation can now start a library of sterling worth, with the certainty that a little further outlay, every now and then, will keep it abreast of the times. To messes, clubs, school libraries, and native book-clubs, the 'Colonial Library' should be simply invaluable, and we honestly commend it as the best endeavour we have ever seen to give English readers out here the same advantages that are enjoyed at home by those who live close to one of Mudie's agencies, or one of W. H. Smith's bookstalls. The individual book-buyer, and there are too few of them in India, now, will get a great deal more for his money than he ever got before… It will be the fault of those they address, if Macmillan's 'Colonial Library' for India and the Colonies does not eventually rival the great libraries of Tauchnitz and Bohn."

The Calcutta Englishman.—"Already the library extends to considerable dimensions, and anything better than the selection that has been made so far it would be difficult to imagine. Those who are familiar with the famous Tauchnitz series will be delighted to learn that something even superior to Tauchnitz has been placed within their reach at a price that puts rivalry out of the question. Each volume is a gem of the publisher's art—beautifully printed on excellent paper and clad in a bright attractive cover—and each is a work of sterling merit, by a right of established reputation. Messrs. Macmillan and Co. have made it possible, not merely to every scattered group of Europeans, but for every individual throughout the Empire, to acquire for a nominal outlay the nucleus of a really valuable library."

319.Adye—Queen of the Moor. By F. Adye.

302.Aflalo.—The Natural History of Australia. By F. G. Aelalo.

86.Amlel.—The Journal Intime of Henri-Frédério Amiel Translated, with an Introduction and Notes, by Mrs. Humphry Ward.

226.Amyand.—Comrades in Arms. By Arthur Amyand.

93. An Author's Lore. Being the Unpublished Letters of Prosper Mérimée's "Inconnue."

40.Arnold.—Essays in Criticism. By Matthew Arnold.

88.Arnold.—Essays in Criticism. Second Series.

331.Bagot.—Sport and Travel in India and Central America. By A. G. Bagot.

328.Bakbe.—The Gleaming Dawn, By James Baker.

242.Baldwin—The Story of a Marriage. By Mrs. A Baldwin.

243.Balzac—The Wild Asa's Skin. By H. de Balzac.

244.Balzac—At the Sign of the Cat and Backet.

245.Balzac—Eugenie Grandet.

246.Balzac—The Chouans.

247.Balzac—The Country Doctor.

254.Balzac—The Quest of the Absolute.

255.Balzac—Ursule Icrouët.

266.Balzac—Old Goriot.

267.Balzac—The Atheist's Mass, etc.

280.Balzac—The Grande Bretache.

281.Balzac—Tne Unknown Masterpiece.

283.Balzac—A Bachelor's Establishment.


285.Balzac—César Birotteau.

291.Balzac—Modeste Mignon.

292.Balzac—The Village Parson.


304.Balzac—The Peasantry.

305.Balzac—About Catherine de Mediate.

306.Balzac—A Woman of Thirty.

1.Barker.—Station Life in New Zealand. By Lady Barker.

2.Barker.—A Year's House-keeping in South Africa. Illustrated.

260.Barlow.—Maureen's Fairing. By Jane Barlow.

290.Barlow.—Mrs. Martin's Company.

233.Barrett.—A Set of Rogues. By Frank Barrett.

262.Beaumont.—A Ringby Lass. By Mary Beaumont.

326.Beewick.—The Secret of Saint Floral, By John Berwick.

272.Berchenough.—Disturbing Elements. By M. C. BirchEnoogh.

164.Blennerhassett and Sleeman.—Adventures in Mashonaland. By Ross A. Blennerhassett and Lucy Sleeman.

94.Boldrewood.—Robbery under Arms. By Rolf Boldrewood.

107.Boldrewood.—The Miner's Right.

114.Boldrewood.—The Squatter's Dream.

116.Boldrewood.—A Colonial Reformer.

124.Boldrewood.—A Sydney-Side Saxon.


175.Boldrewood.—A Modern Buccaneer.

224.Boldrewood.—The Crooked Stick.

287.Boldrewood.—Old Melbourne Memories.

299.Boldrewood.—The Sealskin Cloak.

325.Boldrewood.—My Run Home.

259.Boothby.—A Lost Endeavour. By Gov Boothby.

269.Burgnin.—The Judge of the Four Corners. By G. B. Borgin.

321.Cecil Rhodes. A Biography. By "Imperialist."

216.Chalmers.—The Renegade. By James Chalmers.

157.Cliffoed.—The Last Touches. By Mrs. W. K. Clifford.

303.Coleridge and Shiptoit.—Ravenstone. By C. R. Coleridge and Helen Shipton.

4.Conway.—A Family Affair. By Hugh Conway.

26.Conway.—Living or Dead.

163.Cooper—Richard Escott. By E. H. Cooper.

73.Corbett.—For God and Gold. By Jolian Corbett.

85.Corbett.—Kophetua the Thirteenth.

295.Cornford.—Master Beggars. By L. Cope Cornford.

24.Craik.—Miss Tommy. By Mrs. Craik.

31.Craik.—King Arthur: Not a Love Story.

38.Craik.—About Money, and other Things.

5.Crawford.—Mr. Isaacs. By F. Marion Crawford.

6.Crawford.—Dr. Claudius: a True Story.

7.Crawford.—A Roman Singer.

8.Crawford.—A Tale of a Lonely Parish.



64.Crawford.—Marzio's Crucifix.

65.Crawford.—Paul Patoff.

76.Crawford.—With the Iinmortals.


99.Crawford.—Sant' Ilario.

111.Crawford.—A Cigarette-Maker's Romance.


129.Crawford.—The Witch of Prague.

139.Crawford.—The Three Fates.

144.Crawford.—Children of the King.

147.Crawford.—Don Orsino.

158.Crawford.—Pietro Ghisleri.

161.Crawford.—Marion Darche.

181.Crawford.—Katharine Lauderdale.

203.Crawford.—The Ralstons.

222.Crawford.—Adam Johnstone's Son.

229.Crawford.—Casa Braccio.


332.Crawford.—A Rose of Yesterday.


180.Crockett.—The Raiders. By S. R. Crockett.

270.Crockett.—Cleg Kelly.

211.—Cromarty—Under God's Sky. By Deas Cromarty.

56.Cunningham.—The Cæruleans. By Sir H. S. Cunningham.

106.Cunningham.—The Heriots.

112.Cunningham.—Wheat and Tares.


273.Daudet.—Tartarin of Tarascon. By A. Daudet.

274.Daudet.—Tartarin of the Alps.

275.Daudet.—Kings in Exile.

276.Daudet.—Recollections of a Literary Man.

277.Daudet.—Thirty Years in Paris.


279.Daudet.—Robert Helmont.

178.Deussen.—Elements of Metaphysics. By Karl Deussen.

151.Dickens.—A Mere Cypher. By Mary A. Dickens.

177.Dickens.—A Valiant Ignorance.

215.Dickens.—Prisoners of Silence.

142.Dilke and Wilkinson.—Imperial Defence. By Sir C. Dilke and S. Wilkinson.

50.Dillwyn.—Jill. By E. A. Dillwyn.

51.Dillwyn.—Jill and Jack.

198.Du Maurier—Peter Ibbetson. By George Du Maurier.

282.Duncan.—His Honor and a Lady. By Mrs. S. J. Duncan.

141.Durand.—Helen Treveryan. By Sir M. Durand, K.C.I.E.

9.Emerson.—The Conduct of Life. By Ralph Waldo Emerson

101.Emerson.—English Traits.

131.Falconer.—Cecilia de Noël. By Lanoe Falconer.

10.Farrar—Seekers after God. By Dean Farrar, D.D.

286.Field.—Denis. By Mrs. E. M. Field.

263.Fletcher—Where Highways Cross. By J. S. Fletcher.

11.Forbes.—Souvenirs of Some Continents. By Archibald Forbes.

130.Forbes.—Barracks, Bivouacs, and Battles.

301.Forbes.—Camps, Quarters, and Casnal Places.

160.Forbes-Mitchell.—Reminiscences of the Great Mutiny, 1857-8-9. By William Forbes-Mitchell.

75.Fotherglll—The Lasses of Leverhouse. By Jessie Fothergill.

183.Francis—The Story of Dan. By M. E. Francis.

225.Francis.—Wild Rose. By F. Francis.

309.Fraser.—Palladia. By Mrs. Hugh Fraser.

341.Fraser.—A Chapter of Accidents.

78. Fraser. Fraternity: a Romance.

335.Godfrey.—The Rejuvenation of Miss Semaphore. By Hal Godfrey.

33.Graham.—Neæra: a Tale of Ancient Rome. By J. W. Graham.

315.Grant.—Stories of Naples and the Camorra. By Charles Grant.

12.Hamerton.—Human Intercourse., By P. G. Hamerton.

92.Hamerton.—French and English: a Comparison.

96.Hamerton.—The Intellectual Life.

32.Hardy.—The Mayor of Casterbridge. By Thomas Hardy.

49.Hardy.—The Woodlanders.

74.Hardy.—Wessex Tales: Strange, Lively, and Commonplace.

185.Hardy.—Tess of the D'Urbervilles.

186.Hardy.—Desperate Remedies.

187.Hardy.—A Pair of Blue Eyes.

188.Hardy.—Far from the Madding Crowd.

189.Hardy.—The Return of the Native.

190.Hardy.—The Trumpet Major.

191.Hardy.—A Group of Noble Dames.

192.Hardy.—Life's Little Ironies.

193.Hardy.—The Hand of Ethelberta.

194.Hardy.—A Laodicean.

196.Hardy.—Two on a Tower.

294.Hardy.—Jude the Obscure.

336.Hardy.—The Well Beloved.

61, 62.Harmonia. By the Author of "Estelle Russell." 2 vols.

28.Harrison.—A Northern Lily. By Joanna Harrison.

23.Harrison.—The Choice of Books. By Frederic Harrison.

45.Harte.—A Millionaire of Rough-and-Ready: Devil's Ford. By Bret Harte.

55.Harte.—The Crusade of "The Excelsior."

72.Harte.—The Argonauts of North Liberty.


100.Harte.—The Heritage of Dedlow Marsh, and other Stories.

136.Harte.—A First Family of Tasajara.

202.Holroyd.—Seething Days. By Caroline C. Holroyd.

184.Hope:—The Prisoner of Zenda. By Anthony Hope.

265.Hope:—Mr. Witt's Widow.

330.Hope:—The Indiscretion of the Duchess.

41.Hughes.—Tom Brown's Schooldays. By an Old Boy.

235.Hume.—The Expedition of Captain Flick, By Fergus Hume.

337.Hunt.—Unkist Unkind. By Violet Hunt.

207.Hutchinson.—Peter Steele the Cricketer. By H. G. Hutchinson.

57, 58.Ismay's Children. By the Author of "Hogan, M.P." 2 vols.

313.Trwin.—A Man of Honour. By H. C. Irwin.

14.James.—Tales of Three Cities. By Henry James.

109.James.—The Tragic Muse.

148.James.—The Lesson of the Master.

149.James.—The Real Thing, etc.

123.Jennings.—The Philadelphian. By L. J. Jennings.

312.Jokai—The Green Book By Maurus Jokai.

338.Jokai—The Lion of Janina.

13.Keary.—Oldbury. By Annie Keary.

125.Keene—Sketches in Indian Ink. By H. G. Keene.

237.Keith.—For Love of Prue. By Leslie Keith.

165.Kingsley.—Westward Ho! By Charles Kingsley.

166.Kingsley.—Alton Locke, Tailor and Poet.

167.Kingsley.—Hypatia: or, New Foes with an Old Face.

168.Kingsley.—Hereward the Wake, "Last of the English."

169.Kingsley.—Two Years Ago.

170.Kingsley.—Yeast: a Problem.

248.Kipling.—Plain Tales from the Hills. By Rudyard Kipling.

249.Kipling.—The Light that Failed.

250.Kipling.—Life's Handicap, etc.

251.Kipling.—Many Inventions, etc.

252.Kipling.—Soldiers Three, etc.

253.Kipling.—Wee Willie Winkie, etc.

68.Lafargue.—The New Judgment of Paris. By P. Lafargue.

228.Lafargue.—The Salt of the Earth.

30.Lawless.—Hurrish: a Study. By the Hon. Emily Lawless.

105.Leeds.—A Lover of the Beautiful. By the Duchess op Leeds.

257.Leith-Adams.—The Old Pastures. By Mrs. Leith-Adams.

214.Levoleur.—By Order of the Brotherhood. By Le Voleur.

87.Levy.—Reuben Sachs. By Amy Levy.

239.Lorimer.—A Sweet Disorder. By Norma Lorimer.

153.Lysaght.—The Marplot. By S. R. Lysaght.

108.Lytton.—The Ring of Amasis. By Lord Lytton.

261.Macmahon.—A Modern Man. By Miss MacMahon.

34.Madoc.—Margaret Jermine. By Fayr Madoc.

327.Magnay.—The Fall of a Star. By Sir W. Magnay.

25.Malet.—Mrs. Lorimer. By Lucas Malet.

256.Martin.—Lindsay's Girl. By Mrs. Herbert Martin.

66.Martineau.—Biographical Sketches. By Harriet MartineaU.

264.Mason.—The Courtship of MorriCe Buckler. By A. E. W. Mason.

320.Mason.—The Philanderers.

334.Mason.—Lawrence Clavering.

218.Mathers.—The Lovely Malincourt. By Helen Mathers.

271.Merriman.—The Sowers. By H. S. Merriman.

333.Merriman.—In Eedar's Tents.

310.Merriman and Tallentyre.—The Money-Spinner. By H.S. Merriman and S. G. Tallentyre.

80.Minto.—The Mediation of Ralph Hardelot. By Wm. Minto.

15.Mitford.—Tales of Old Japan. By A. B. Mitford. Illustrated.

206.Moore.—Two in the Bush, and other Stories. By F. Moore.

44.Morley.—Critical Miscellanies. By John Morley.

120.Morley.—Studies in Literature.

21.Murray.—Aunt Rachel. By D. Christie Murray.

81.Murray.—The Weaker Vessel.


104.Murray.—John Vale's Guardian.

212.Murray.—The Martyred Fool.

121.Murray and Herman.—He Fell among Thieves. By D. Christie Murray and Henry Herman.

231.My Honey. By the author of "Tipcat."

317, 318.Nansen.—Farthest North, 2 Vols.

213.Nevinson.—Neighbours of Ours. By W. H. Nevinson.

53, 54.New Antigone: a Romance. 2 vols.

60.Noel.—Hithersea Mere. By Lady Augusta Noel.

29.Norris.—My Friend Jim. By W. E. Norris.


16.Oliphant.—A Country Gentleman. By Mrs. Oliphant.

17, 18, 19.Oliphant.—The Literary History of England, 3 vols.

27.Oliphant.—Effie Ogilvie.

37.Oliphant.—A House Divided against Itself.

43.Oliphant.—A Beleaguered City.

63.Oliphant.—The Second Son.


90.Oliphant.—Neighbours on the Green.


133.Oliphant.—The Railway Man and His Children.

138.Oliphant.—The Marriage of Elinor.

146.Oliphant.—The Heir Presumptive and the Heir Apparent.

162.Oliphant.—Lady William.

308.Oliphant.—The Unjust Steward.

324.Oliphant.—The Ways of Life.

300.Omond.—The Story of Maurice Lestrange. By Mrs. Omond.

322.Oscar.—Captain Kid's Millions. By Alan Oscar.

143.Parkin.—Imperial Federation. By G. R. Parkin.

205.Parkin.—The Great Dominion.

140.Parry.—The Story of Dick. By Major GambiEr Parry.

314.Paston.—The Career of Candida. By George Paston.

220.Paterson.—A Son of the Plains. By Arthur Paterson.

298.Paterson.—For Freedom's Sake.

238.Phillips.—The Education of Antonia. By F. E. Phillips.

201.Price.—In the Lion's Mouth. By Eleanor C. Price.

208.Pryce.—The Burden of a Woman. By Richard Pryce.

219.Pryce.—Winifred Mount.

258.Raymond.—Tryphena in Love. By W. Raymond.

67.Realmah. By the Author of "Friends in Council."

152.Rhoades.—John Trevennick. By W. C. Rhoades.

232.Ridge.—Minor Dialogues. By W. Pett Ridge.

311.Ridley.—The Story of Aline. By Mrs. Edward Ridley.

154.Ritchie.—Records of Tennyson, Ruskin, and Browning. By Mrs. Ritchie.

200.Ritchie.—Chapters from some Unwritten Memoirs.

227.Roy.—The Horseman's Word. By Neil Roy.

98.Russell.—Marooned. By W. Clark Russell.

137.Russell.—A Strange Elopement.

323.Russell.—A Taleof Two Tunnels.

340.Sandars.—For Prince and People. By E. K. Sandars.

118.Seeley.—The Expansion of England. By J. R. Seeley.

223.Shipton.—The Herons. By Helen ShiPton.

36.Shorthouse.—Sir Percival. By J. H. Shorthouse.

69.Shorthouse.—A Teacher of the Violin, and other Tales.

82.Shorthouse.—The Countess Eve.

132.Shorthouse.—Blanche, Lady Falaise.

240.Smith.—A Youth of Parnassus. By L. P. Smith.

289.Smith.—Tom Grogan. By F. Hopkinson Smith.

217.Snaith.—Mistress Dorothy Marvin. By J. C. Snaith.

209.Spender.—Thirteen Doctors. By Mrs. J. K. Spender.

230.Spender.—The Wooing of Doris.

20.St. Johnston.—Camping among Cannibals. By A. St. Johnston.

110.St. Johnston.—A South Sea Lover.

159.Steel.—Miss Stuart's Legacy. By Mrs. Steel.

176.Steel.—The Flower of Forgiveness, and other Stories.

221.Steel.—Red Rowans.

329.Steel.—In the Tideway. By Flora A. Steel.

230.Stoker.—The Shoulder of Shasta. By Bram Stoker.

234.Stooke.—Not Exactly. By E. M. Stooke.

145.Theodoli—Under Pressure. By Marchesa Theodoli.

182.This Troublesome World. By the Authors of "The Medicine Lady."

126.Tim. (By a New Author.)

179.Trevelyan.—Cawnpore. By Sir G. O. Trevelyan, Bart

47.Veley.—A Garden of Memories. By Margaret Veley.

134.Victor.—Mariam, or Twenty-one Days. By H. Victor.

102.Wallace.—Darwinirn. By Alfred Russel Wallace.

117.Wallace.—The Malay Archipelago.

77.Ward.—Robert Elsmere. By Mrs. Humphry Ward.

84.Ward.—Miss Bretherton.

135.Ward.—The History of David Grieve.


296.Ward.—Sir George Tressady.

288.Warden.—The Inn by the Shore. By Florence Warden.

241.Wells.—The Wonderful Visit. By H. G. Wells.

307.Wells.—Wheels of Chance.

150.West.—A Born Player. By Mary West.

52.Westbury.—Frederick Hazzleden. By Hugh Westbury.

95.Westcott.—The Gospel of the Resurrection.

171.Williams.—Leaves of a Life. By Montagu Williams, Q.C.

172.Williams.—Later Leaves. Being Further Reminiscences.

173.Williams.—Round London. Down East and Up West.

210.Wilson.—Alice Lauder. By Mrs. J. G. Wilson.

199.Woods.—The Vagabonds. By Margaret L. Woods.

103.Worthey.—The New Continent. By Mrs. Worthey.

22.Yonge.—Chantry House. By Chaelotte M. Yonge.

35.Yonge.—A Modern Telemachus.

42.Yonge.—The Dove in the Eagle's Nest.

83.Yonge.—Beechcroft at Rockstone.

97.Yonge.—A Reputed Changeling.

113.Yonge.—More Bywords.

119.Yonge.—Two Penniless Princesses.

128.Yonge.—That Stick.

155.Yonge.—Grisly Grisell.

204.Yonge.—A Long Vacation.

268.Yonge.—The Release.

316.Yonge.—The Pilgrimage of the Ben Beriah.

156.Yonge and Colerldge.—Strolling Players. By C. M. Yonge and E. R. Coleridge.

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