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The New Zealanders at Gallipoli

Mentioned in Despatches

Mentioned in Despatches.

* Mentioned twice.

† Mentioned three times

4/85a 2nd Corporal A. W. Abbey, D.C.M., N.Z. Engineers.

*Captain L. G. D. Acland, M.C., Divisional Train, N.Z. Army Service Corps.

4/513 Sergeant G. D. Alexander, N.Z. Engineers.

13/64 Sergeant F. Allsopp, Auckland Mounted Rifles.

13/5 Trooper L. J. Armstrong, D.C.M., Auckland Mounted Rifles.

10/1731 Private C. R. Barker, D.C.M., Wellington Infantry Battalion.

Lance-Corporal P. G. Barratt, Wellington Infantry Battalion.

Lieut.-Colonel A. Bauchop, C.M.G., Otago Mounted Rifles.

Captain W. T. Beck, D.S.O., N.Z. Army Ordnance Corps (attached N.Z. Staff Corps).

Lieut.-Colonel C. M. Begg, C.M.G., N.Z. Medical Corps.

3/233 Lance-Corporal T. Biggar, N.Z. Medical Corps.

Lieut. W. G. A. Bishop, M.C., Otago Infantry Battalion.

Lieut. G. R. Blackett, Canterbury Mounted Rifles.

Captain D. B. Blair, M.C., Canterbury Mounted Rifles (N.Z. Staff Corps).

8/1370 Sergt.-Major P. C. Boate, D.C.M., Otago Infantry Battalion.

7/311 Trooper J. M. Boocock, Canterbury Mounted Rifles.

Lieut.-Colonel W. G. Braithwaite, C.M.G., D.S.O. (Royal Welsh Fusiliers).

Major (temp. Lieut.-Colonel) C. H. J. Brown. D.S.O., Canterbury Infantry Battalion (N.Z. Staff Corps).

2nd Lieutenant R. T. R. P. Butler, M.C., N.Z. Engineers (Royal Engineers).

9/129 Sergeant J. Campbell, D.C.M., Otago Mounted Rifles.

10/706 Private A. V. Carbines, Wellington Infantry Battalion.

8/911 Sapper S. Carlyon, N.Z. Engineers.

13/535 Trooper N. D. Champney, Auckland Mounted Rifles.

Major F. Chapman, Auckland Mounted Rifles.

Lieut.-Colonel A. B. Charters, C.M.G., Wellington Infantry Battalion.

Colonel E. W. C. Chaytor, C.B., N.Z. Staff Corps.

2/83 Fitter N. Clark, D.C.M., N.Z. Field Artillery.

3/158 Private J. Comrie, D.C.M., N.Z. Field Ambulance.

Lieutenant A. E. Conway, Canterbury Infantry Battalion.

Captain C. F. D. Cook, Wellington Infantry Battalion.

11/520 Corporal F. R. Corrie, Wellington Mounted Rifles.

Lieutenant J. G. Cowan, Otago Infantry Battalion.

Major E. P. Cox, Wellington Infantry Battalion.

13/606 Private L. Crawford-Watson, D.C.M., N.Z. Field Ambulance.

Captain A. C. B. Critchley-Salmonson, D.S.O., Canterbury Infantry Battalion (Royal Munster Fusiliers).

10/729 Private C. Crone, Wellington Infantry Battalion.

Major W. H. Cunningham, Wellington Infantry Battalion.

Captain G. E. Daniell, M.C., N.Z. Field Artillery (Royal N.Z. Artillery).

12/1185 Private D. Davidson, Auckland Infantry Battalion.

*Major T. H. Dawson, Auckland Infantry Battalion.

4/506 Sapper B. L. Dignan, D.C.M., N.Z. Engineers.

Rev. P. Dore, M.C., Chaplain, 4th Class, N.Z. Chaplains' Department.

10/966 Corporal A. G. Duncan, Wellington Infantry Battalion.

3/144 Private A. F. D. East, N.Z. Medical Corps.

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Captain T. R. Eastwood, M.C., Headquarters Staff, N.Z. Expeditionary Force (Rifle Brigade, Prince Consort's Own).

Captain H. M. Edwards, N.Z. Engineers (Royal Engineers).

7/800 Trooper J. Edwards, Canterbury Mounted Rifles.

Major J. McG. Elmslie, Wellington Mounted Rifles.

Major (temp. Lieut.-Colonel) J. J. Esson, C.M.G.

Major N. S. Falla, D.S.O., N.Z. Field Artillery.

Captain T. Farr, M.C., N.Z. Field Artillery.

Major F. A. Ferguson, N.Z. Engineers (Royal Engineers).

*6/227 Private A. J. Findlay, D.C.M., Canterbury Infantry Battalion.

Lieut.-Colonel J. Findlay, C.B., Canterbury Mounted Rifles.

Captain B. S. Finn, D.S.O., N.Z. Medical Corps.

Lieut.-Colonel N. Fitzherbert, Wellington Infantry Battalion.

7/441 Sergeant R. A. Fleming, Canterbury Mounted Rifles.

2nd Lieutenant E. N. Gabites, Otago Infantry Battalion.

Lieutenant L. J. Gibbs, Canterbury Infantry Battalion.

6/234 Sergeant D. D. Gill, Canterbury Infantry Battalion.

*Major-General (temp. Lieut.-General) Sir A. J. Godley, K.C.B., K.C.M.G., General Officer Commanding N.Z. Expeditionary Force.

2nd Lieutenant T. M. P. Grace, Wellington Infantry Battalion.

9/465 Sergeant-Major L. S. L. L. Graham, D.C.M., Otago Mounted Rifles.

Major S. A. Grant, Auckland Infantry Battalion (N.Z. Staff Corps).

Rev. W. Grant. Chaplain, 3rd Class, N.Z. Chaplains' Department.

A. Greene, Chaplain, 4th Class (Salvation Army), M.C., N.Z. Chaplains' Department.

7/340 Sergeant A. R. Greenwood, Canterbury Mounted Rifles.

3/251 Private J. Greenwood, N.Z. Medical Corps.

Major R. R. Grigor, D.S.O., Otago Mounted Rifles.

Captain R. N. Guthrie, M.C., N.Z. Medical Corps.

Lieutenant W. Haeata, Auckland Mounted Rifles.

2nd Lieutenant C. St. C. Hamilton, Otago Infantry Battalion.

*Lieut.-Colonel N. C. Hamilton, D.S.O., N.Z. Army Service Corps (Army Service Corps).

7/516 Corporal G. G. Harper, D.C.M., Canterbury Mounted Rifles.

7/517 Sergeant R. P. Harper, D.C.M., Canterbury Mounted Rifles.

Captain B. S. Harston, Wellington Infantry Battalion.

Major H. Hart, D.S.O., Wellington Infantry Battalion.

Major N. F. Hastings, D.S.O., Wellington Mounted Rifles.

Major W. H. Hastings, Headquarters Staff, N.Z. Expeditionary Force (92nd Punjabis, Indian Army).

Captain B. S. Hay, Otago Mounted Rifles.

10/723 Private H. E. Hayden, Wellington Infantry Battalion.

Lieutenant C. Hayter, Canterbury Mounted Rifles.

3/170 Private W. Heaver, N.Z. Field Artillery.

Captain P. B. Henderson, M.C., Headquarters N.Z. Mounted Rifles Brigade (N.Z. Staff Corps).

8/1504 Private W. J. Henry, D.C.M., N.Z. Field Ambulance.

2/147 Sergeant J. Hill, D.C.M., N.Z. Field Artillery.

4537a Sergeant P. Hill, N.Z. Maori Contingent.

Captain F. L. Hindley, Canterbury Mounted Rifles.

Major (temp. Lieut.-Colonel) J. G. Hughes, C.M.G., D.S.O., Canterbury Infantry Battalion (N.,Z. Staff Corps).

Major E J. Hulbert, N.Z. Engineers.

Major H. C. Hurst, D.S.O., Canterbury Mounted Rifles Regiment.

Major G. F. Hutton, Canterbury Mounted Rifles (Royal Welsh Fusiliers).

2/115 Bombardier D. Inglis, D.C.M., N.Z. Field Artillery.

Captain W. Janson, Wellington Mounted Rifles.

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7/128 Trooper D. Jenkins, Canterbury Mounted Rifles.

10/824 Company Sergt.-Major A. Johnson, Wellington Infantry Battalion.

*Major (temp. Brigadier-General) G. N. Johnston, N.Z. Field Artillery (Royal Artillery).

10/392 Private S. Johnston, Wellington Infantry Battalion.

3/180 Private H. W. Keesing, N.Z. Medical Corps.

Captain V. A. Kelsall, Wellington Mounted Rifles.

Captain G. A. King, D.S.O., Headquarters N.Z. Mounted Rifles Brigade (N.Z. Staff Corps).

2nd Lieut. J. B. Le Mottée, Canterbury Infantry Battalion.

Captain R. Logan, Wellington Mounted Rifles.

Rev. J. A. Luxford, Chaplain, 3rd Class, C.M.G., N.Z. Chaplains' Department.

10/2228 Private F. Mahoney, D.C.M., Wellington Infantry Battalion.

*Lieut.-Colonel W. G. Malone, Wellington Infantry Battalion.

Colonel N. Manders, N.Z. Medical Corps (Royal Army Medical Corps).

12/1710 Private C. J. Maroni, Auckland Infantry Battalion.

9/445 Sergeant-Major V. Marshall, Otago Mounted Rifles.

13/272 Trooper A. Mason, Auckland Mounted Rifles.

Lieutenant-Colonel W. Meldrum, C.M.G., Wellington Mounted Rifles.

8/33 Sergeant F. Mitchell, D.C.M., Otago Infantry Battalion.

3/269 Warrant-Officer F. W. Moor, D.C.M., N.Z. Medical Corps.

Lieutenant-Colonel A. Moore, D.S.O., Otago Infantry Battalion (Royal Dublin Fusiliers).

Captain K. McCormick, N.Z. Medical Corps.

Reverend A. Macdonald, Chaplain, 4th Class, N.Z. Chaplains Department.

Major C. McGilp, N.Z. Field Artillery.

2nd Lieutenant E. J. McGregor, Auckland Mounted Rifles.

Temp. 2nd Lieutenant R. McPherson, M.C., N.Z. Field Artillery.

10/1109 Private J. Neale, Wellington Infantry Battalion.

Major C. R. Neale, N.Z. Veterinary Corps.

4/655 Sergeant S. Neels, N.Z. Engineers.

Lieutenant M. G. R. Newbold, N.Z. Engineers.

Major C. N. Newman, N.Z. Field Artillery.

4/115 Sergeant H. W. Newman, N.Z. Engineers.

Lieutenant T. H. Nisbet, Otago Infantry Battalion.

12/606 Private E. L Noakes, Auckland Infantry Battalion.

Lieutenant A. N. Oakey, M.C., N.Z. Engineers.

*Major E. J. O'Neill, D.S.O., M.B., N.Z. Medical Corps.

Major P. J. Overton, Canterbury Mounted Rifles.

2nd Lieutenant W. T. Palmer, Auckland Mounted Rifles.

16/407 Corporal Tau Paranihi, D.C.M., N.Z. Maori Contingent.

Lieutenant-Colonel W. R. Pearless, N.Z. Medical Corps.

4/827 Sergeant A. G. Picken, N.Z. Engineers.

Major W. R. Pinwill, Headquarters Staff, N.Z. Expeditionary Force (Liverpool Regiment).

*Lieutenant-Colonel A. Plugge, C.M.G., Auckland Infantry Battalion.

8/1048 Sergeant-Major A. W. Porteous, M.C., Otago Infantry Battalion.

Captain C. Guy Powles, D.S.O., Headquarters, N.Z.M.R. Brigade (N.Z. Staff Corps).

Lieutenant A. H. Preston, Wellington Infantry Battalion.

Lieutenant-Colonel G. R. Pridham, N.Z. Engineers (Royal Engineers).

7/108 Sergeant F. L. Rees, Canterbury Mounted Rifles.

Major H. G. Reid, N.Z. Army Service Corps (Army Service Corps).

10/778 Private J. R. Reid, Wellington Infantry Battalion.

Lieutenant A. T. G. Rhodes, Headquarters Staff, N.Z. Expeditionary Force (Grenadier Guards).

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Major (temp. Lieutenant-Colonel) G. S. Richardson, C.M.G., Headquarters Staff, N.Z. Expeditionary Force (N.Z. Staff Corps), attached Royal Naval Division (Staff).

Captain J. M. Richmond, M.C., N.Z. Field Artillery (N.Z. Staff Corps).

11/442 Sergeant W. Ricketts, D.C.M., Wellington Mounted Rifles

13/438 Trooper R. R. E. Rollett, Auckland Mounted Rifles.

11/736 Sergeant B. Ronaldson, Wellington Mounted Rifles.

Captain J. M. Rose, M.C., Wellington Infantry Battalion (N.Z. Staff Corps).

*Colonel (temp. Brigadier-General) Sir A. H. Russell, K.C.M.G.

4/208a Corporal C. W. Salmon, D.C.M., N.Z. Engineers.

4/60a Corporal C. W. Saunders, D.C.M., N.Z. Engineers.

6/1399a Sapper E. G. Scrimshaw, D.C.M., N.Z. Engineers.

Captain L. M. Shera, M.C. N.Z. Engineers.

Captain A. V. Short, N. Z. Medical Corps.

9/343 Corporal A. Simon, Otago Mounted Rifles.

3/95 Lance-Corporal W. Singleton, D.C.M., N.Z. Field Ambulance.

8/1837 Lance-Corporal H. D. Skinner, D.C.M., Otago Infantry Battalion.

Major G. S. Smith, D.S.O., Otago Infantry Battalion.

Captain R. B. Smythe, Headquarters N.Z. and A. Division (N.Z. Staff Corps).

12/1799 Sergeant H. Spencer, D.C.M., Auckland Infantry Battalion.

Major I. T. Standish, D.S.O., N.Z. Field Artillery (Royal N.Z. Artillery).

Lieutenant W. H. Stainton, M.C., N.Z. Maori Contingent.

Major F. H. Statham, Otago Infantry Battalion.

3/447 Lance-Corporal G. Steedman, D.C.M., N.Z. Medical Corps.

13/237 Trooper K. M. Stevens, Auckland Mounted Rifles.

Captain H. Stewart, M.C., Canterbury Infantry Battalion.

Lieutenant-Colonel D. McB. Stewart, Canterbury Infantry Battalion.

6/1156 Private T. Stockdill, D.C.M., Canterbury Infantry Battalion.

Lieutenant J. K. D. Strang, Otago Mounted Rifles.

6/770 Lance-Corporal W. H. Studley, Canterbury Infantry Battalion.

10/1674 Corporal J. W. Swan, D.C.M., Wellington Infantry Battalion.

Major (temp. Lieutenant-Colonel) F. B. Sykes, D.S.O., N.Z. Field Artillery (Royal Artillery).

Lieutenant-Colonel F. Symon, C.M.G., N.Z. Field Artillery (Royal N.Z. Artillery).

6/157 Lance-Corporal B. N. Tavender, D.C.M., Canterbury Infantry Battalion.

Lieutenant G. N. Taylor, Canterbury Mounted Rifles.

23/1213 Private G. A. Tempany, D.C.M., Auckland Infantry Battalion.

Major A. C. Temperley, Headquarters Staff, N.Z. Expeditionary Force (Norfolk Regiment).

Captain N. W. B. B. Thoms, M.C., Headquarters Staff, N.Z. Expeditionary Force (N.Z. Staff Corps).

6/1131 Private A. Thomson, Canterbury Infantry Battalion.

2/146 Bombardier J. P. Thomson, D.C.M., N.Z. Field Artillery.

8/494 Corporal T. A. Timpany, Otago Infantry Battalion.

9/91 Trooper A. K. Topi, Otago Mounted Rifles.

12/267 Bugler D. B. Treacher, Auckland Infantry Battalion.

Lieutenant F. K. Turnbull, M.C., Wellington Infantry Battalion.

Major W. McG. Turnbull, D.S.O., Otago Infantry Battalion (N.Z. Staff Corps).

Lieutenant F. M. Twistleton, M.C., Otago Mounted Rifles.

16/161 Company Sergeant-Major H. R. Vercoe, N.Z. Maori Contingent.

*Major F. Waite, D.S.O., N.Z. Engineers.

Lieutenant W. H. Walker, N.Z. Maori Contingent.

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4/72a Sergeant A. Wallace, N.Z. Engineers.

Captain J. A. Wallingford, Auckland Infantry Battalion (N.Z. Staff Corps).

12/1020 Corporal F. W. Watson, D.C.M., Auckland Infantry Battalion.

*Major J. H. Whyte, D.C.M., Wellington Mounted Rifles (N.Z. Staff Corps).

11/654 Sergeant J. W. Wilder, Wellington Mounted Rifles.

Lieutenant G. L. Wilson, Otago Infantry Battalion.

Captain E. R. Wilson, Wellington Infantry Battalion.

14/76 Lance-Corporal J. Wimms, D.C.M., N.Z. Divisional Train.

11/941 Trooper J. H. Winter, D.C.M., Wellington Mounted Rifles.

Captain F. A. Wood, M.C., Auckland Mounted Rifles (N.Z. Staff Corps).

*Lieutenant-Colonel R. Young, C.M.G., D.S.O., Wellington Infantry Battalion.