Title: Robley: Te Ropere, 1840—1930

Author: Timothy Walker

Publication details: University of Auckland, 1985, Auckland

Digital publication kindly authorised by: Timothy Walker

Part of: The Moko Texts Collection

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Robley: Te Ropere, 1840—1930


page 186

Robley's remarkably prolific — and often repetitive — output as an artist makes it impossible, and inappropriate, to compile a totally comrehensive Catalogue of his work. Because of this the Catalogue has been contained within the following parameters.

Only works held in New Zealand Public Collections have been included.
With rare exceptions — when their subjects are of particular interest — sketches have not been catalogued. (The majority of the works documented are watercolour or ink/wash drawings.)
Drawings and sketches of Mokamokai have not been catalogued. Their subjects are all represented in the section on Mokamokai in Volume One.
Robley's numerous illustrated postcards are not included.
The works are arranged within the following six sections
1. Historical New Zealand Scenes Page 190
2. New Zealand Scenes; 1864–66 200
3. New Zealand Portraits; 1864–66 262
4. Historical New Zealand Portraits 329
5. Maori Art 349
6. Non-New Zealand Subjects 366