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Enoch Bruce Levy

Agricultural scientist, scientific administrator.

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Fig. 63. Mat of Leucogenes Leontopodium as a member of the fell-field association of the Tararua Mountains at about 1300 m. altitude (Ruahine-Cook district). — Photo. E. Bruce Levy Fig. 89. Pimelea Gnidia — of Hebe-form — growing with Astelia Cockaynei (foreground), Phormium Colensoi (right hand corner oi background) and Dracophyllum filifolium (left of centre in background) as part of shrubby herb-field of Tararua Mountains (Ruahine-Cook district). — Photo. E. Bruce Levy Photo. E. Bruce Levy — Fig. 13. The woody climbing-plant Parsonsia heterophylla (kaiwhiria)


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